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[Team Three] Ride all Night

"He's grumpy because it's past his bedtime," Kirishima explained as he dragged Bakugou away before his explosive boyfriend could start a fight in the common room.

“I’ll give you grumpy,” Bakugou snarled. A yawn prevented whatever he was going to say next. “Ugh.”

Luckily they didn’t have to wait too long for the elevator up. By the time they arrived at Bakugou’s room, Bakugou could barely keep his eyes open, leaning heavily against Kirishima. Everyone was supposed to sleep in their own room, but on the weekends no one checked up on that, so Kirishima just flopped into Bakugou’s bed right alongside his grumpy boyfriend. He stayed awake barely long enough to pull his t-shirt off and then he was out cold.

“Hm?” Kirishima mumbled quite a while later, waking up slowly. There was a soft touch on his dick, and then his cock was enveloped by wet heat. “Mmh, Katsuki?” he murmured.

Bakugou hummed in reply, sounding smug. The vibration felt amazing against Kirishima’s dick and he moaned, hands winding into Bakugou’s hair. He’d been half hard anyway from the more than nice dream he was having, so it didn’t take long at all until his dick was at full attention. Bakugou was going full out, playing with Kirishima’s balls, sucking his dick deep into his mouth, and doing incredible things with his tongue. Sometimes Kirishima wondered how he’d gotten so lucky to get such a talented boyfriend.

“Close,” he warned, much quicker than he would have liked. There wasn’t really any need to speak up, since Bakugou always swallowed anyway, but Kirishima preferred to be polite about it.

The room was too dark to see much, but Kirishima was pretty sure that Bakugou looked smug as fuck about his superior blowjob skills. Kirishima himself needed to pay too much attention to his sharp teeth to be particularly skilled at blowjobs, not that he’d gotten any complaints.

With a groan, Kirishima came, his come filling Bakugou’s mouth in great spurts. “Ahh, Katsuki,” he moaned, yanking on Bakugou’s hair a little harder than he probably should. Bakugou continued to suck for a bit, licking Kirishima’s dick until Kirishima pulled on his hair again. “Not that I mind, but you need a full night’s sleep at some point, you know.”

Bakugou licked his lips. “Shut up and get me off, idiot,” he demanded as he crawled up to flop on top of Kirishima. “The more you talk, the longer I’ll be awake.”

“Can’t argue with that logic,” Kirishima agreed, but first he got his hands in Bakugou’s hair and kissed him, slow and thorough. He could taste his own come on Bakugou’s tongue, just a little, and Bakugou’s cock was hard against his hip.

Kirishima could feel the tiredness creeping back, so he worked fast. He kissed his way along Bakugou’s jaw and nibbled on his throat, his teeth sinking in just deep enough to leave cute little marks that would fade by morning. His hands weren’t idle either, wandering over Bakugou’s muscular arms and shoulders until Bakugou was practically vibrating with need.

“Just touch my dick already, you fucking tease,” Bakugou demanded.

Chuckling, Kirishima did just that. He wrapped his fingers around Bakugou’s hard dick and stroked, harder and faster than he usually touched himself. Bakugou preferred it a bit rougher most of the time, growling for Kirishima to stroke him faster.

Kirishima nuzzled Bakugou’s ear, licking at the shell. Bakugou usually got annoyed at such gentle touches, but right now he was worked up enough not to give a fuck as long as Kirishima continued to touch his dick. “Come on, Katsuki,” Kirishima coaxed. He nibbled on Bakugou’s earlobe, pressing just a little harder with the points of his teeth.

Bakugou turned his head to hide his face against Kirishima’s neck, muffling his moans as Kirishima brought him off with quick, rough strokes. Bakugou cursed as he came, nails digging into Kirishima’s skin as he shivered and came all over Kirishima’s fingers and stomach.

The second time Kirishima woke up because Bakugou was sucking his dick, it was still way too early, but at least there was some light, hinting that it was close to morning. He was slower to harden this time around, which allowed him to appreciate Bakugou’s tongue work properly. Bakugou’s tongue flicked up and down his shaft, teasing at all the good spots, and every once in a while Bakugou took his dick into his mouth, sucking lightly. Insistent touches to his balls helped too, and soon Kirishima was at full attention. One last lick and then Bakugou sat up.

“Hm?” Kirishima asked, blinking in the low light. He didn’t get a chance to ask what Bakugou was up to, because his boyfriend was already climbing into his lap. Bakugou’s fingers wrapped around his dick, giving him another few strokes, and then Bakugou sank down onto it. Kirishima groaned as the slick, tight heat of Bakugou’s body enveloped him. Toes curling, it was all Kirishima could do not to come right then and there. The idea of Bakugou stretching himself while he sucked Kirishima’s dick was too much if he wanted to have any chance at all of lasting more than a minute, so Kirishima quickly turned his thoughts elsewhere.

He dug his fingers into Bakugou’s muscular thighs, holding on as Bakugou rode him. Hard muscles bunched under his fingers every time Bakugou rose up. The sight wasn’t bad either - Bakugou was flushed pink halfway down his chest, and he’d raised his arms above his head to show his whole body off to Kirishima as he took Kirishima’s dick in over and over again.

Kirishima bucked his hips up, making Bakugou bounce on his cock. Bakugou’s startled noise was surprisingly cute, so it was probably a good thing that it was still too dark for Bakugou to see the expression on Kirishima’s face properly.

“Fuck, do that again!” Bakugou demanded with a groan.

Kirishima grinned and did what he was told. This was quite a good workout for his abs, and all the little noises Bakugou made were incredibly appealing. Bakugou was touching himself, stroking his dick furiously as he bounced on Kirishima’s hard dick. “Need any help?” Kirishima asked, reaching for Bakugou.

“Fuck, yes,” Bakugou agreed.

Kirishima closed his hand over Bakugou’s. With both of them jerking him off, Bakugou was getting loud quickly, cursing and gasping for air. Bakugou clenched tight around him, and then Bakugou was coming already, clenching and grinding down on Kirishima’s dick. Bakugou came all over Kirishima’s hand and stomach, but Kirishima surely didn’t give half a fuck about the mess when Bakugou looked and sounded so good.

Bakugou tried to continue, but his legs were shaking too much to hold him up. Seeing his chance, Kirishima pushed Bakugou up, off his dick. Bakugou grumbled when Kirishima rolled him onto his back and got on top, but was too fucked out to argue about getting pinned down. Kirishima hitched Bakugou’s legs up and slid back inside, fucking him slow and deep. Bakugou was always a bit over-sensitive right after orgasm, and the way he twitched around Kirishima’s dick was as adorable as his little gasps.

Kirishima trailed kisses over Bakugou’s jaw and neck, nipping at his skin occasionally. Bakugou’s arms wound around his neck, holding on, and as much as Kirishima would have liked to drag it out and take his time, there was no way he could last long with Bakugou clinging to him like that.

“Come on already, you moronic hair-for-brains jerkface,” Bakugou growled in his ear.

Kirishima cracked up, laughing louder than was wise this early in the morning, and he continued to laugh right through his orgasm.

Next up is mousapelli !
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