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[Team Five] Fish

I've never written for bts before, but this was funn!

Yoongi's prayers are answered when he pulls his first catch out from the water, scales gleaming in the afternoon sun and tail still thrashing about comically. Three hours of waiting and finally, he's got at least something to show for the afternoon.

Seokjin raises an eyebrow from across the boat and Yoongi scowls, tries not to look at the bucket of fish that already lies besides his feet. "What," he says defensively, "It's something, right?" He looks up at Seokjin challengingly. It's not like they've been sitting outside in the dappled shade of Yoongi's grandfather's favorite fishing spot for three hours already. Or that Seokjin's been peering out from beneath his hat with bemused eyes as Yoongi lets one fish after another accidentally escape, just barely escaping from his grasp as he tried to reel them in.

Instead of acquiescing, however, Seokjin just leans back, just far enough that he can trail his fingertips through the clear water as his lips curl into a kittish smile. "Hey, not bad for your first time," he says, eyes wrinkling into half-crescent moons, "I guess you'll actually be bringing something to the dinner table tonight. I was starting to think you just didn't have the gift for fishing."

"Hey, what do you mean?" Yoongi protests, "My grandfather -"

"- was the star fisherman back in his days. Held three records and won several county fairs back then," Seokjin finishes reciting for him. He looks at Yoongi with a boyish grin. "But you gotta admit, Yoongi, you haven't exactly been reeling in buckets of fish."

Yea. And okay, Yoongi can admit he doesn't exactly possess the same prodigious skill as his grandfather did. But he wasn’t that bad. He looks at his singular fish pitifully at the bottom of his bucket and then relents. Okay, maybe he was. "Alright, oh great fisherman," he rolls his eyes with a sigh, "Teach me your ways, then."

Like he's been waiting for this all along, Seokjin laughs and reclines in his seat, folding his hands behind his head. "Just give it more time, you're way too impatient. You've been pulling in all your fish too fast and that's why they can always escape before you bring them in." He wrinkles his nose adorably in a way that makes Yoongi's heart stutter slightly and then closes his eyes lazily. "And use some more bait."

"When did you become so good at fishing?" Yoongi asks as he casts another line out from the boat begrudgingly, this time after wrapping another piece of bait to his hook. He doesn't ever remember Seokjin being interested in fishing. Hell, he doesn't even remember when Seokjin was interested in being outdoors. Last time Yoongi checked, his roommate didn't even know how to set up a tent. When Yoongi's grandparents invited them to stay at their house over the summer, he'd invited Seokjin by default. And when Yoongi's grandmother had suggested bringing out the old boat and going fishing, Yoongi had never imagined Seokjin being this adept with the fishing rod.

"My father used to take me fishing," Seokjin hums, one eye lazily flickering open to look at Yoongi. "Didn't think it would ever come in handy." He stifles a yawn, and Yoongi watches as he stretches his arms behinds him, basking in the summer heat. A content smile stretches across his face and Yoongi has to resist the urge to smile with him.

He could get used to this, he thinks. The murmur of the breeze ruffling through his hair, the background tide of cicadas rolling in his ears, the sticky summer air that hangs in a silent balance. Yoongi looks at the lone flash of silver in his bucket and back at Seokjin, hair gleaming gold under the late afternoon sun. Yea. He could definitely get used to this.

onyu, you're up!
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