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[Team Three] The Reason Why

Title: The Reason Why
Fandom: Kisumai
Pairing: None overly stated, but it can be assumed Tamamiyamitsu is a thing.
Rating: PG
Summary: Kitayama is moving apartments, and his reasons may not just be convience.
A/N: This is boring and pointless but I don't want to skip again TT_TT So here is something super short.

“A new place?” Tamamori asked, looking at Kitayama talking to Miyata with a large smile on his face. He knew Kitayama had been in the market for a new apartment, but he wasn’t sure what that had to do with him or Miyata.

“Yeah, it’s closer to work and the gym.” Kitayama seemed really pleased with this fact.

“So you are trying to get us to come over more often?” It was rather blunt, and Kitayama suddenly blushed at being outed. Miyata’s already huge smile got bigger, he had apparently not realized the reason.

“Awww, Kitamitsu if you were lonely you didn’t have to move, you could’ve just asked us over!” Miyata swung his arms around Kitayama and snuggled him close. Kitayama struggled out of the death grip Miyata had him in.

“That’s not it! Well, not all of it. My lease was up and I wanted to be closer. The idea that you guys will come over more only was part of it!” He was beat red and it was obvious that he was a little embarrassed. Kitayama always was the type to come out with the truth eventually.

“Ok, so when are you moving? We’ll help.” Tamamori tilted his head, thinking about his current schedule and wondering if he’d manage to have the time off to do anything useful. All three of them had different schedules.

“I don’t know yet.” Kitayama let a small smile show on his face. “Thanks though, I’ll keep you guys posted.”

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