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[Team 2] Don't say a word

I wrote a thing finally. Figured might as well write the OTP because I adore them

faded_lace it's your turn now~

“Walk away!” he screamed, clutching the pillow closer to his chest. Hikaru could feel his body shaking as the words found their way to his lips. “Just go ahead and leave me here alone!”


Yabu’s voice was gentle, sweet almost. It made Hikaru want to forgive him for his faults but he knew the travesties Yabu had committed against him. A hand reached out, but Hikaru swatted it away. He didn’t want Yabu’s fake pity.

“I said just leave me here already,” Hikaru said. “Go!”

The other man sighed. “Oh, come on now. Aren’t you being a little dramatic?” Yabu asked. “I’m only going to the bathroom.”

“You’re still leaving me by myself,” Hikaru said, throwing himself against empty couch and curling into a ball.

“You’re drunk,” Yabu said.

“I am, and I blame you for this as well!” Hikaru said, throwing a finger in the direction he believed his boyfriend to be.

His hand was caught in someone’s grip, his finger curled to return with the others. A soft kiss was placed against the back of Hikaru’s hand, and he shivered once more under the touch of it.

“I’ll be gone for a few minutes,” Yabu said, his lips dragging against Hikaru’s skin. “Be a good boy and wait for me while I’m gone? I’ll give you a treat when I come back.”

Hikaru rolled over, eyes seeking out Yabu’s own. “Why not right now?

“Because I have to pee, and I don’t think you want me to do that all over the floor,” Yabu said, brushing Hikaru’s bangs from his eyes. “So will you be good for me?”

He sat for a moment, brain struggling to turn and formulate a response to not dull the moment nor turn his boyfriend down. He still wanted to be dramatic, but Yabu’s words intrigued him.

“Don’t keep me waiting too long,” he finally said, breathing out.

Yabu merely smiled, kissing Hikaru’s hand once more before setting it free. “Wouldn’t dream of it.”
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