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Kitayama might be taking a picture of this

[Team 3] maybe we’ll hibernate til spring

Hi there! Posting for treelines because her internet cafe has our comm marked as porn XD XD XD

(warning for character injury)

maybe we’ll hibernate til spring
with limbs askew and noses red
izuku muses from the floor refusing
thoughts that leave them dead

it was a bitter battle fought with
underhanded cruel blows a
villain with an aging quirk made iida-
kun’s leg decompose

and uraraka’s quirk is null now that her
thumb is unattached
and fear coats thick izuku’s soul to think
their team has been dispatched

izuku’s limbs, a grisly pulp, begin their
piercing whine of pain
the siren song of ruined flesh almost
drowns out his whispered name

he slings his gaze up to the left to look
at shouto’s creeping frost
and in his trembling troubled form can
see the weight of this last loss

with streaming tears izuku sends a final
smile to endear
and repeats words he hopes will help;
he answers him, “I’m here.”


Next up is kira_shadow whose turns seems to somehow always magically end up on her weekend. How???
Tags: *team three, fandom: boku no hero academia, love ranger: treelines, warning: might contain triggers
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