Cass (cairistiona) wrote in writetomyheart,

[TEAM ONE] Don't even worry about it.......

D-don't even worry about it.

Freedom is a strange word.

Restriction has never understood what it is like to be Freedom, because, of course, they are Restriction. They are not allowed to do anything. Restriction's parents, Hindrance and Captivity, have always said that Freedom gets away with too much.

Restriction is jealous of Freedom because of it. Freedom doesn't get locked up, and grounded. Freedom doesn't have rules they have to keep to. Freedom isn't a rule themselves. Freedom is Freedom. They can do whatever they want.

Restriction hates it. Restriction is going to break away.

One day. One day, Restriction is going to be free of Hindrance and Captivity.

One day.

I'm not late I swear it... softboys
Tags: *team one, fandom: original, love ranger: cairistiona, warning: wtfery ahead
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