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[team two] walk away

Sorry this is a little late!

Lips brush over Yamada’s naked shoulder and he shudders. The caress itself feels nice, but Yamada feels dirty.

He hums, neither in encouragement or dissuasion and the lips keep on moving, working their way towards his neck and up. When they reach his jaw Yamada leans into the touch, can’t stop himself, even as he starts sombrely “Yuto...” There’s a harsh exhale and Yuto’s body tenses behind him, he won’t argue though, he never does.

Yamada rolls onto his back, steels himself to look into Yuto’s eyes, he doesn’t need to say more though – no ‘sorry’, no ‘I had to much to drink’, no ‘I’ve been really stressed out recently’ ‘I didn’t mean to lead you on’. He doesn’t need to say it because Yuto has heard them all before.

“I love you.” Yuto says in answer, and Yamada has heard that one before too, too many times. Not enough that he’s tired of hearing it – that doesn’t help though.

“I should go.” Yamada says as Yuto’s lips start again, on his cheekbone this time, working down towards his lips and Yamada has to turn his head away “I have work...” he doesn’t know what he has, he always has work though, that’s who he is.

He takes a deep breath and holds it, nods imperceptibly to himself and rolls away, pushing himself up from the bed. Behind him he can hear the sound of rustling, then of a lighter sparking and Yuto inhales slowly.

Yamada finds his clothes, puts them on and doesn’t turn around, doesn’t give in because he knows what it will do to him, how much harder it will make it to walk away.

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