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[Team Three] Explosive Sleeping Beauty

They were still holding hands, Bakugou’s fingers squeezing tightly even in his sleep. Kirishima was almost sure he was still dreaming, but the weight of Bakugou’s body half on top of him, and the gentle puff of Bakugou’s breath against his neck convinced him, no matter how unlikely it was. They’d been studying late into the night in the common room, and must have fallen asleep on one of the couches at some point. Kirishima wasn’t so sure how he’d ended up with Bakugou half on top of him, clinging to him in his sleep, but he wasn’t exactly unhappy about the situation he found himself in either.

In fact, Bakugou was surprisingly cute like this, asleep, relaxed, and weirdly cuddly. He looked so cute that Kirishima reached out to brush his fingers through Bakugou’s hair, but stopped himself at the last moment. Even if Bakugou was the one who kept clinging to him, petting his sleeping friend wouldn’t be fair. Kirishima grinned - he could practically hear the explosions that would happen when Bakugou woke up and realized he’d turned into a cuddle monster.

Now the only question was what to do. Should he wake Bakugou up, even though he might get grumpy when woken suddenly, not to mention his reaction to their current position? Or should he try to go back to sleep and hope Bakugou woke up first in the morning, hopefully before anyone else walked in and found them like this?

Kirishima sighed. He knew what he had to do, what was right. He nudged Bakugou’s shoulder lightly. “Hey, wake up.”

Bakugou grumbled in his sleep and turned his head to hide his face against Kirishima’s neck. How was he so cute? When he was awake, the explosions and foul temper distracted from it, but Bakugou really was quite pretty.

“Okay, okay, get it together,” Kirishima told himself. Crush or not, he couldn’t stay here, and he definitely couldn’t allow Bakugou to remain here until morning, he’d catch a cold. If Bakugou refused to wake up, there was only one solution.

He dislodged Bakugou carefully and stood up. Sliding his arms under Bakugou’s limp frame, he picked him up with surprising ease. He’d expected Bakugou to be heavier, but force of personality clearly didn’t add any pounds. With Bakugou nestled against his chest, Kirishima made his way to Bakugou’s room. Opening the door with his arms full of Explosive Sleeping Beauty proved a bit of a challenge, but elbow and hip finally succeeded.

He deposited Bakugou safely on the bed and draped the blankets over his sleeping form. Bakugou had worn sweatpants for their late night study session, so those would have to do as pajamas. When a sleepy hand reached for him, Kirishima backed away - it was so tempting to crawl into bed with Bakugou, but getting blasted through the wall wasn’t how Kirishima preferred to start his mornings.

Next up is mousapelli !
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