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[Team Five] Driving Instincts

Genderbent taekook, word vomit

By Jungah’s side, Taeri slouches down the passenger seat and hums along to Frank Sinatra. Jungah tries to multitask between getting lost in Taeri’s low tones and trying not to crash. She’s a self-proclaimed pro driver—decent, if friends are asked—but having her friend with her in a moving enclosed space doesn’t help prove it.

It can’t be helped. It’s natural for Taeri to draw attention. The fascinating thing about it is that she doesn’t even try. Jungah, on the other hand, tries not to get distracted by this beautiful woman sitting next to her. Often times, the struggle is a failure. (Often times, Taeri isn’t doing anything but existing.)

Jungah takes a quick glance at Taeri and thinks of how good it is to be with this woman. There is a unique feeling of contentment that settles and soothes her soul every time they spend time together. When Jungah focuses back on the road, the light turns red and she quickly presses on the brake.

“Oh shit!” Jungah reaches an arm out to the side to keep Taeri from diving head first on the dashboard. It takes only a second for her to realize, in her attempt to protect Taeri, her hand now holds Taeri’s breast. She retracts her hand and apologizes profusely. “Sorry, unnie! So sorry!”

Taeri laughs, her voice ringing in the car. “Jungah. It’s fine.”

Jungah herself is far from fine. Taeri is fine and fine but Jungah feels her insides melting. The point isn’t that she touched someone’s breast on accident but that it’s Taeri. She drives again when the light turns green, trying to keep her eyes and focus on the road. “Still. Sorry. I usually put my backpack there.”

“Oh. Makes sense.” Taeri still has that amused tone to her voice. “I was wondering why your hand would do that instinctively. But I understand. Important stuff must be saved.”

Jungah hums in assent.

“Like my breast.” Taeri suddenly adds, laughing loudly after.

Jungah thinks it’s a testament to her willpower that they don’t get into an accident right then. She almost shrinks away when Taeri pats her head in consolation but it always feels good to be doted on.

“So cute, Jungah. Okay, I’ll stop teasing for now.” Taeri moves back to slouch on the passenger seat, fiddling with her phone. Beautiful Lies by Birdy plays through the speakers. “This is starting to grow on me.”

A sense of pride bubbles up in Jungah. That’s one of her favorites. She listens to Taeri hum along. Again, she finds herself in the dilemma of keeping her focus on driving. When she glances at Taeri, Taeri looks back with a smile.

“Just like you.”

(They still don’t get into an accident despite the seeming heart attack Jungah experiences. She resolves that she isn’t driving next time.)

Your turn harujongin :)
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