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Work has been eating me alive and it's so late—I'm so sorry. Anyway, next to captain (and the mods), anyone in our team can contact me. I lurk in lj and I think my account is open for messages… or if it's easier for people, I'm on twitter as @TamamoriYuuko.

Starting the round for Team two. Yoroshiku~


I probably should get slapped for this. Look what cute pictures do to me. XD Sasuga, self.


"Can you hear me?" Taiga asks in a low, trembling whisper. He burrows his head deeper into Juri's chest, holds onto him tighter.

The sound of it worries Juri a little, breath catching in his throat in all the wrong ways, because Taiga usually has a warm and rich voice. He hears nothing of that now, but Juri can't bring himself to speak and reassure Taiga. He can barely draw in a breath, feeling his heartbeat slowing down, and lifting his hand to hold Taiga in a half embrace is all he can muster with what little strength he has left.

Taiga feels the movement of Juri's hand, understanding the gesture for what it is. He feels Juri's love, warm and kind, even as life is leaving him.

Tears begin clouding Taiga's eyes, but he gathers his resolve. "It's okay, Juri. You don't have to talk," he says, trying to return Juri's feelings for the last time. He pushes himself up to meet Juri's eyes, hoping that all he wants to say are reflected there, and slowly inches his way toward Juri's lips.

I'm so sorry. Tag, you're it! thesecretdoor
Tags: *team two, fandom: sixtones, love ranger: dusk037, warning: and they all died, warning: here is a box of tissues
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