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[team one] html

here, have some trash from this late trash.

Numbers, symbols flash in front of Jinyoung’s eyes as his fingers types them out on the keyboard in front of him; the digits working on auto-pilot, his eyes staring blankly at the screen. Someone slamming a door a couple of floors down drags Jinyoung out of his mental space, and he blinks at the cursor on the screen, blinking back at him from it’s place after a tag that Jinyoung just ended with an angle bracket.

It’s only then Jinyoung realizes that he has been coding for more or less three hours straight. It’s no wonder his back is aching, eyes watering from behind his glasses. Jinyoung inhales heavily through his nose, stretching his arms over his head until his spine pops, letting out a soft gasp of air at the pleasure that follows.

The tiny work room slash bedroom is dark - the sun has set and it’s no wonder Jinyoung’s eyes are aching despite wearing glasses. Quickly, he decides to take a break, saves his work thrice before closing his laptop, heading out of the room in search for something to eat or drink.

Sweetest amaxingbaek you're up! :*
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