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[TEAM ONE] Dead Dad!Kris Fic

Welcome to team one! We're the best team. I'm obliged to say that.

Our order is as follows:


I know most of you, just let me know how you want to be contacted! softboys is my other half so we'll get stuff done, you can be sure of that.

Also I just want you to know I'm not late. I always arrive exactly when I mean to.

Wu Yifan is twenty-five when he learns he’s never going to debut in a boyband.

He’d tried out for SM Entertainment back home in Canada, way back in 2007, and had got in. After this, he had battled being one of the only English-speaking trainees, and one of the rarer Chinese ones. He’d left his old identity, Kevin Li, Li Jiaheng, behind, and reinvented himself as the cool, suave Wu Yifan. He’d made friends, enemies, and built himself up, only for everything to crash down around him.

He’s too old to debut, says his manager, hinting it would be a good idea for Yifan to drop out, so he does, paying off the contract fee and signing a statement promising never to divulge company secrets to outsiders.

But Yifan’s been a trainee for so, so many years, that he doesn’t know what to do for a living now he isn’t one anymore, now he doesn’t have a manager dictating his every move. He doesn’t even know how to have relationships now, instead just having a series of hook-ups with random girls in nightclubs, even though he knows he should know better (he just isn’t sure he wants to; relationships are difficult, but sex is just sex).

His parents lend him the money to rent a flat in a small town far from Seoul, and he settles, trying to find a job. He’s never gone to university, so he has no backup, no experience to play from. He has never had a job before. It’s scary.

None of the places he applies for—banks, shops, law firms, supermarkets—will take him. He can’t go home because he spent all of his money on the flat and getting out of his trainee contract.

He’s at his wits’ end when he sees the small advert in the back of the Korea Herald as he sits in a small, cheap coffee shop drinking coffee that didn’t quite cost fifty cents.

The first thing he sees is flowers, and a unicorn’s head, and then:

All-boys nursery seeking young male assistant; must be under 30 years old and good with children.
Please contact Zhang Yixing on: 010-ZHA-NGYIXING

Yifan is not good with children. He’s an only child and, to be honest, small children terrify him. But it’s a job, and he already has a police check to say he’s not a danger to children, and he may as well apply. There’s no guarantee he’ll get the job.

He dials the number.

There you go~ softboys
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