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[TEAM FIVE] sashimi what you’re made of

Hello, team five!

Just a recap of our roster and contact details, more for my reference than anything else:

airplanewishes | @happenchances
fairyminseok | @fairyminseok
93rdfragment | @ seasaltslumber
harujongin | @kaiohtic
elindar | @trashstar_
listea | @listeaf

You may reach me at @dongsaengdeul . Feel free to poke whenever. :)

Alright, let's get this show on the road o/

"Okay, when you said we were gonna get a bigass plate of sashimi with twigim and pajeon, I actually thought you were bluffing," Seokjin says when the manager of Yeonosanghwa sets their order down on the table. He gives the dish a careful look, looks back up to meet the manager in the eye, then lets out this half-wheeze, half-laugh kind of sound Yoongi can't put a name to just yet. "All this for just 14,000 won? You've got to be kidding me!"

Yoongi snorts. You've had more food for cheaper, he wants to say, wants to tell Seokjin they can probably get sashimi for much less, if he only had more time to look for places outside central Seoul, but it's not as if Seokjin's making up any of this. As hard as it maybe be to believe, this is actually candid, Seokjin gaping at the platter, the presentation, the sheer volume of sashimi they're about to eat. You'd think that years of writing about food and months of doing a fucking food program where they have to taste the same thing thrice would temper his amazement for food, but nope — if anything, Seokjin has only gotten even more intense, even more emotionally invested in everything he eats. So this is genuine. This isn't fake. It's his silly reactions on cam — and Kyungsoo's, too, on the off chance that the guy actually lets either of them include behind-the-scenes clips of him eating more than half of their order in the final edit of their episode, breaking the misconception that he's an angel who gets full just watching Yoongi and Seokjin devour their food — that make Food versus Food such a hit. It's the spontaneity that makes the series so charming, the very thing that keeps their viewers hooked because 'I need a new nyarmgh clip from Jin. When's he gonna do that sound again? He needs do that more!' or 'I swear to God, the sun shines ten times brighter when Suga pans the camera to Kyungsoo and zooms in on the guy enjoying his food. This precious fluff ball. I can't!' Sure, nearly all the food they've tried thus far is really, really good and everybody loves a good travel vlog where they can live vicariously throught three handsome boys assessing food paid for by the company for a living, but still — Food versus Food probably won't be half as successful as it is now if they, the Buzzfood Boys, had stuck with the script all the time and never allowed themselves to goof off in front of the camera.

Seokjin's gaze flickers to his side. He hasn't lost the glimmer in his eyes just yet, but Yoongi doesn't miss that tiny question in the arch of Seokjin's eyebrows, in the way Seokjin sucks in his lower lip just so before taking a deep, deep breath and holding it in, just holding it in. It's just noticeable enough for Yoongi to know that half of Seokjin is, well... Not really miles away, but Yoongi can tell Seokjin isn't a hundred percent focused on delivering his lines, tasting their food, on acting alongside his 'co-host and partner Min Suga to put three different kinds of sashimi at three drastically different price points to the test'. For whatever reason, Yoongi isn't sure, but whatever — he is certain of one thing, and that's the reality that this massive sashimi platter didn't look as overwhemling in photos so maybe they should've dragged their officemates to this place so they'll be able to justify asking for refills. Yoongi can't even imagine finishing an entire platter when they've already had a generous serving of sashimi in their previous stop. Just—no way—

"No way," Yoongi mutters under his breath once one of the servers brings out their other order, then lets out a laugh. Thinks to himself, Not sure if I actually regret getting the extra platter now or what, but keeps his eyes steady on 'set B', anyway. The more expensive platter isn't any bigger than the previous, pretty much looks like a mirror of its cheaper sibling from the presentation down to the amount of fish roe in that ramekin, who the hell even uses that term these days, Yoongi, but man — the massive bowl of salmon fried rice makes all the difference. For all he knows, it doesn't taste good, but anything that's got chunks of salmon, really pink chunks of salmon, is bound to be good.

Decent fried rice in Seoul is already hard to come by, as it is, so for this big bowl of pink rice to come at just 2,000 won premium? For just an extra 2,000 won?

"Can I just— Just gimme a few seconds to let everything sink in. I mean, my tummy's already there, but the rest of me's just really— Wow," Yoongi begins, pausing to reach for the menu and to hold it up against the camera. Kyungsoo inches closer at that, lunges but remains peering through the viewfinder, so Yoongi meets him halfway and gives the second photo on the board a light tap. "This thing right here?" he explains, "The set B you're seeing priced at just 16,000 won? That was the second order that came in. Yes, the one with the bigass sashimi platter plus this huge bowl of salmon fried rice. And yes, you saw that right — this thing actually comes with an unlimited number of refills."

"As if just one isn't enough," Seokjin says, snorting, then inches closer. He isn't looking at Yoongi anymore, isn't studying him with that curious gaze of his, and that helps undo the little knots in Yoongi's throat making it difficult for him to breathe. "Okay, fine — the refills are only half of this entire thing, but come on. Are we really gonna complain about being able to get a second round of sashimi for free?"

Yoongi hangs his head low and gives it a little shake at the same time that he feels something warm and tickling claw at the walls of his throat. He remembers, all of a sudden, all those times he and Jimin would try to charm their way into getting extra samples of whatever free food was being showcased in the closest supermarket and how Hoseok would groan at them in distress before joining in because free food was free food. Sometimes, they'd do it for fun; other times, they'd do it because they were trying to save up as much as they could just so they could buy decent clothes to wear to their next gig or so they could get the newest CD of whichever artist it was they were raving about at that point in time. University was tough; dragging one's ass out of bed to attend class and then go to part-time job number two, even harder. He didn't regret anything, though. Those years were some of the best years of his life, especially after coming out of high school scathed and all beaten up.

He risks a glance at Seokjin, then fixes his gaze back on the food in front of them. He can make out one massive difference now between this sashimi and the previous — and nope, it's not the fried rice. He can see more of those while lines now, markings of what's supposed to be a generous amount of fat and flavor in fish, but he can also make out the rough traces of the cuts, how uneven the slices are. Half of him feels kind of relieved that there's a distinguishing trait between restos number one and two; the other half of him, oddly disappointed.

Months ago, he would've told himself that it's just food, Yoongi, don't take it too seriously because it's just food, but he's too deep into this whole food vlogging ordeal already to not be either overly critical or appreciative of what he eats. Fuck Seokjin, really, for polluting his mind and turning him into one of those pretentious TV show chefs who know next to nothing about food. And fuck his lack of control for giving in too easily.

airplanewishes, you're up!
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