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[team pilot] start of round 2

Since we're all old hands that this, I'll link the first round pilot discussion post, but basically it continues as usual. The only things to note are:
1) our new line up (below)
2) our new series, the round two series, (Team Pilot (Round 25 September 2017 - ?)) to which you have all already been added as co-creators
3) I will be playing this time, so there's no need to skip me.

Our new line up is as follows (lj username, ao3 username, twitter):

bluedreaming bluedreaming @tulipsalt
junxouji junxouji @junxouji
caterplina caterplina @caterplina
hunhunya lusehun @luhanvuitton
springmaid eclecticat @_eclecticat

As per usual, when you post, remember to add your fic to both the shiritori collection as well as the Team Pilot (Round 25 September 2017 - ?) series. (When posting your fic, you can type shiritori in the "add to collections" field and it will autocomplete. For the series, just tick the box "this is part of a series" and choose the correct series from the drop-down list. It will be there, as you have all been added.) Then please post a header post to this LiveJournal community writetomyheart and tag the next person after you on twitter. If you could also tag @writetomyheart, that would be really helpful (but if you forget that's fine).

If you're skipping, please post a skip post to writetomyheart and tag the next person after you on twitter.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions/concerns!
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