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[Team Three] Kiss Kiss

“So many things to consider,” Midoriya muttered under his breath. After lunch, they had rescue training in groups of five, with the other students playing civilians that needed rescuing. He continued to mutter, organizing his thoughts out loud and analyzing each person’s skillset.

The toe of his sneaker bumped into something, he never figured out what. There was a moment when he was simply falling, just barely long enough to realize what was happening but not enough time to react. The next moment he was already crashing into Todoroki, rocking him back in his seat.

Midoriya wasn’t quite sure how it happened, but when the dust settled he found himself mostly in Todoroki’s lap, with one of Todoroki’s arms curled around his waist to steady him. “Sorry,” he gasped, trying to sit up. Pale lips were suddenly very close. Really, really close.

Todoroki opened his mouth, presumably to ask if he was okay, but Midoriya smushed their mouths together in a surprise kiss before another word could be uttered. Todoroki’s eyes widened a fraction in surprise and a sting of cold went through Midoriya’s lips for a second but then Todoroki kissed back, pulling him closer.

He raised his hand and cupped Todoroki’s cheek. Todoroki was hot under his touch, his skin surprisingly smooth. Midoriya brushed his thumb over Todoroki’s cheekbone, gently tracing the rougher surface of the scar.

The kiss broke naturally, both of them drawing back. Midoriya’s cheeks felt hot and he was sure he must be bright red. “Sorry,” he gasped out. “I shouldn’t have…”

Todoroki licked his lips, looking contemplative. “There’s nothing to apologize for.”

If anything, that made Midoriya’s cheeks heat up even more. That and the continued presence of Todoroki’s hand on his waist. Thinking quickly, assessing all the possibilities, Midoriya leaned back in. “Can I kiss you again?” he asked, his breath puffing against Todoroki’s lips.

Instead of a verbal answer, Todoroki closed the rest of the distance and kissed him. Eyes fluttering shut, Midoriya leaned into the kiss, his arms wrapping around Todoroki’s shoulders to hold on. The longer the kiss lasted, the more pronounced the temperature difference between the two sides of Todoroki’s lips became. It wasn’t freezing or burning level, just a couple degrees, but quite definitely noticeable.

It was that, this surprising lapse in control, that convinced Midoriya to actually speak up and say what he’d been wanting to say for weeks. “Go out with me?” he blurted out quickly before he could change his mind again. “Like a date? After school. There’s a place that sells All Might Cake, and their Parfait Flambée sort of reminds me of you.”
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