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[Team 3] Don't Do Anything I Wouldn't Do

HQ, Kagehina, not doing stupid things out there

"Just don’t do anything stupid out there,” Kageyama said and left.

Hinata knew he should be worried. Kageyama had been limping pretty badly, his arm around Narita’s for support, and this was the third set of the second round at Nationals. What were they even going to do without their setter? But honestly, he was kind of mad.

“I would have said the same thing,” Tsukishima said, passing by on his way to swap out with Nishinoya.

“What the heck is that even supposed to mean?” Hinata said, practically yelling. They were both sweaty and tired and Hinata wasn’t very good at controlling his emotions even when he was at his best, especially around Tsukishima. And Hinata didn’t even think Stupidshima had a best.

Tsukishima rolled his eyes. “It means he trusts your instincts,” he said, looking pained to even admit it. Then he stalked off the court just as play was about to start again.

Hinata didn’t get it. If Kageyama trusted him, then he should just say so.



Hinata scored the winning point. Getting tosses from Sugawara-senpai wasn’t the same as from Kageyama, but he could still fly. When Hinata was at the net, it was like nothing existed other than the match, nothing mattered other than getting the ball past the other team. It wasn’t until he came down to earth again that he started to take everything in, the way his legs shook, the roar of the crowd, the wet tears of relief that rolled down his face. He heaved a giant, shuddering breath and fell to his knees.

Then everybody tackled him and it was a long time before he could breathe properly again.

“I can’t stand up,” Hinata shouted at the ceiling, back flat against the gymnasium floor. Then there were hands all around him, pulling him to his feet and righting things again. Kageyama stood in front of him, leaning on a crutch. His ankle was tightly bandaged, but he was smiling and it didn’t even look weird on him.

“I knew we’d win,” Kageyama said, lifting his chin in triumph.

“Of course,” Hinata said, like it had been obvious all along. Like they hadn’t barely scraped out a win after going into extra points. But it was obvious. Hinata had known it all along and, he realized, so had Kageyama. “So did I do anything stupid?”

Kageyama’s smile got bigger. “So many things.”

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