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[Team Three] worth it

This is set in my Mercenaries AU, but I've yet to figure out where exactly in my timeline. Or if I'll even keep it later. Oh well. Assertive Keito was nice to write for once ^_^

"Worth dying for? Worth dying for what?" Hikaru scoffs. "Nothing. You'd be dying for nothing." He spits out each word with as much anger as he could muster up. This isn't worth it.

Keito looks hurt at the accusation, but he surprises him by not backing down. "If it'll keep you safe, it's a risk I'm willing to take. I've already talked it over with Yamada and Chinen, and they agree with me."

This assertive, determined Keito is not something Hikaru is used to. This is a level of seriousness he hadn't been prepared for. It's nothing like the sweet person who sat beside him to slurp ramen noodles together with a smile.

"You can't be the bait," Hikaru says, repeating what started the whole conversation. "It's just too dangerous."

Keito leans close, so close that Hikaru can see every individual eyelash and every bit of the dark eyes hidden behind them.

"The risk is worth it to protect you," he says quietly.

Hikaru closes the gap between them for a kiss. A hungry, desperate one that he hopes conveys his feelings better than his words ever did.

"Fine," he says, pulling away. "Just don't do anything stupid out there."

Passing it on to marksykins
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