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[Team Three] You made me feel - for the first time

Is there a "weird alien sex" tag somewhere because I need it. /).(\ I partially blame mousi and midori for this... *looks at hashien fics* I googled snake and scorpion mating rituals and all for this thing and now I am a little traumatized...

I absolutely do not know where this fic came from but I guess I can blame it on my never changing existence within the abyss of Tokusatsu stuff. Also Kishi Yosuke (Stinger's actor) just posted a photo with him and Saito Shuusuke (Ian's actor) that said "Oh my, the sunset is beautiful... oh my god senpai noticed me! I love everybody!!" and ... XD

Here's some visual help for those who want it:
Naga Rei
Their actors being cute together

This was the start of something new. This was some kind of new emotion. Naga could ‘feel’ it and that in itself was new. It had never happened before, for him to be able to ‘tell’ that he was feeling something that he was having some sort of emotion or emotional reaction. It amazed and at the same confused him. It also scared him a little.

Until now, he had not had any emotional reactions at all. Sometimes it had frustrated him but in a quiet moment, he had been glad as well. A part of him knew the consequences of having emotions still. It had been ingrained into every person of his race. If one of their people were to show signs of developing emotions, they would be executed as they posed a threat to the peace and stability of their homeworld. Or undergo ‘reprogramming’.

It was something normal people did not know and had not seen. The reconditioning of those who showed signs of emotions. Naga had also seen people having to rely on medicine to shut out all of their emotions in order to keep living a normal life.

Were emotions really worth all of this? He didn’t know but Naga was willing to find out. And really, being wanted dead by his home system on top of being wanted by Jark Matter wouldn’t really make a difference. What was one more threat?

But back to the present situation.

Emotions and feelings had gotten him a little sidetracked but they had also been the cause for his musings in the first place. It had all started in the aftermath of Scorpio’s demise. Stinger had opened up to the rest of them but also not completely. There were still things the other hid from the others, from them. Naga had only stumbled over the other by chance.

And looking at Stinger’s expression had stirred something inside of him. Naga had reached out to touch the other’s cheek gently and before he could think, words had left his mouth.

“I wish I could absorb those emotions and relief you of them. They are causing you so much pain.” To him, numbing emotions and making them go away had been the natural solution. This was what his people had taught him. On the other hand, it was wishful thinking, to somehow be able to absorb other people’s emotions and make them his own. That way he would finally be able to properly learn and understand the things called feelings and emotions.

Stinger had shaken his head. “They might be causing me pain now but it won’t last forever. The pain is outweighed by something else. So don’t worry. It’s important to feel pain, though. It keeps you in check and it makes sure that in return, you can also feel pleasure and happiness.” Then Stinger had stopped himself and apologized. “I’m sorry I-”

“No, don’t worry. Hearing your explanations about emotions is the only way I can try to make sense of them. So even though I cannot completely understand, I can try to.” Naga had interrupted the other. “So I just learned from you that pain is not always bad.”

“No, it isn’t.”

Naga had pulled his hand away then. The warmth of Stinger’s body still lingered on his palm.

He then realized that Stinger’s tail had wrapped itself around his waist without him noticing. It had been such a gentle touch, almost like an embrace. When Stinger realized - the other had not seemed to have done it consciously - he blushed and quickly uncurled it, freeing Naga. There had been a soft shiver that had gone through Stinger’s body when he let go of him.

And that had been the end of their little exchange.

It hadn’t been the first one - they had talked briefly like this once in a while ever since Naga and Balance had joined the crew and ever since Stinger had ‘returned’ from his mission as a spy. Naga had felt comfortable around the other because Stinger had never been a man for many emotions and feelings and thus was not as confusing and hard to deal with compared to most of the others - at least most of the time. Maybe that had been the same reason Stinger had felt comfortable around him. Naga never judged or asked uncomfortable questions. After all, Naga did not know how to coerce out a reaction based on feelings and emotions.

Their little exchanges had always been comfortable before, sometimes they had just sat in silent companionship. This time had been different though.

And ever since, Naga had felt that strange nagging sensation and it would always return to his thoughts whenever he caught Stinger throwing him looks or glances. He wondered if something was going on with the other as well.

That had been a few days ago now and Naga had found himself pondering about things ever since. He’d look at Stinger and the other would look back but then they would both look away again but Naga could feel something tingling somewhere under his skin and he wondered whether it was mutual or not. If it were the case, it probably wasn’t exactly the same - after all the other had emotions, even though Stinger liked to hide them a lot of the time - but at least something that was comparable. For some reason Naga was almost sure that these confusing feelings were mutual. It was probably the reason why Stinger kept throwing him looks.

Looks that sent shivers down his spine.

In the end it was Kotaro who figured things out for them, albeit purely by accident. It had been after their latest strategy meeting, which Naga had spent half-distracted, that their youngest blurted it out for everyone else on the commando bridge to hear. “Don’t be so oblivious you two! He’s courting you. You two are in the middle of a mating ritual.”

Stinger choked on his drink and immediately had Champ hovering over him worriedly. Spada dropped the platter he had been holding with a soft ‘Mamma Mia’, Hammie’s eyes went wide as did Lucky’s, Garu looked confused, Raptor seemed to be blushing, Balance blinked curiously and Sho Ronpo coughed softly.

Kotaro then lifted up a glass case he had brought from their latest trip from Earth that held a pair of beetles. “Observing nature really is interesting!”

“Kotaro, please be careful about comments you make,” the commander patted their youngest make on the back. “You surprised us for a moment there.”

Everyone else went back to business as usual but for some reason the words would not leave Naga alone. So when everyone dispersed to retire for the time being - there was no day or night in space after all - Naga wandered around and tried to sort out his thoughts.

The people of his home system did not really have something like ‘mating rituals’ or anything of that sort really. Reproduction took place in birth pods. Males and females of their people had to contribute when they became of age or able to and then children were distributed by the government. Everyone looked the same and there were no feelings involved after all so things did not matter, people did not care.

But Naga had heard about the past. He had heard about mating rituals involving people of his species. And one of the things he was pretty sure had been involved in one had been for one of the partners to possessively wrap his limbs around the other.

Kind of like how Stingers tail was wrapping itself around him again right now.



The other was hiding his face behind a hand in - was it embarrassment or something else? Naga couldn’t tell. But Stinger was shivering all over. The shivering, which caused the other’s to outright vibrate, intensified when Naga spoke up and accidentally brushed his fingers over parts of the tail. It pulsed and twitched under his touch.

“Kotaro might have been right.”

“But why?” Naga did not understand.

“Do I look like I know?” Stinger sounded exasperated. He was tugging Naga closer with his tail, until they were within touching distance of each other’s hands and arms. “I just know that for some reason I feel attracted to you and cannot stay away, no matter what I try. And you keep looking at me as well. Which does not help at all.”

The universe was large and cross-species reproduction - as long as both were compatible - was not unheard of. Naga’s own people were said to have been born from one such union. It was frowned upon these days by his people - since they were such a secluded culture - but strangely enough it was neither forbidden nor banned by their laws. As long as no feelings were involved of course. It seemed strange to Naga somehow.

Stinger had pulled him closer with the other’s tail and when Naga stood so close to his comrade, he sensed the pheromones the other was releasing. And he noticed with something akin to wonder and surprise that he was releasing his own. They sent little ripples through the scales on his skin. For Stinger, it seemed to make the other’s skin smooth and hot.

“My room.” Stinger decided then and tugged Naga along and then through one of the doors.

They lost their Kyuranger jackets first and Naga was tugging his shirt over his head when Stinger’s tail uncurled itself from around him. Stinger was taking a while with his clothes, his garments more elaborate than Naga’s and involving many smaller pieces and layers. Naga watched as each article of clothing slid down onto the floor. Many things looked well-worn and also handmade. Something the Scorpion tribe had been known for apparently.

Standing in the room undressed for too long was making Naga feel a little cold, so he went ahead and slid down onto the mattress of Stinger’s bed. He stretched out on his stomach and waited. It was a position he had never taken before. It showed a lot. If not everything.

Naga rarely displayed his more snake-like features. The only exception was when he used the power of his eyes. He wondered whether the others would feel uncomfortable when they saw him like this but then again, more than half of them were not exactly human-looking either, so they probably would not care, now that he thought about it. For some reason he felt especially safe to show Stinger everything right now, so he just laid himself bare.

He was rewarded by Stinger’s fingers gently running down his back, tracing the white and silver scales there as the other crawled over him. The sound Naga made sounded very genuinely like a snake’s hissing sound and the pupils of his eyes dilated into slits. Naga turned around and wrapped his arms around Stinger’s shoulders before he leaned in for a kiss.

When they moved closer to each other, Naga felt something poking his midriff. Something was protruding from between Stinger’s legs, a piston shaped appendage of some sort maybe? No, a sexual organ, Naga remembered. It looked very similar to a human one. Balance had tried to teach him some of that - for fun the other had said - a while ago when they had gone to earth. If Naga recalled it correctly, his friend had called it an erection.

He reached out to touch it gently with his fingers, which made Stinger hiss softly. A sound of pleasure, Naga could tell. That gave him an idea.

“Change with me.” He was already rolling them over, though, so he was not giving the other any option to deny him the request. When he had Stinger on his back, Naga moved lower.

Naga watched as Stinger arched off the bed when he wrapped his long tongue around the other’s erection. Naga liked the soft pulsating of it. It was almost like a heartbeat against his tongue. He could sense the life underneath the skin - the life that could be created with what was waiting to be released.

The pulse reverberated through his body and was echoed by his own sexual organs’. Which had never been active before, so this also took Naga by surprise. Especially the scaly skin pouch that was unfolding itself and opening, aching to be filled.

All members of Naga’s species were hermaphrodites, possessing two sets of sexual organs - it was purely for efficiency and safety reasons. Even if only a single specimen remained, it would be possible to revive their species once more. And there would always be enough people available for reproduction. The split between ‘males’ and ‘females’ was pretty much at random. It was decided by numbers at birth and it only served to divide his people into different working groups with different responsibilities really. There was no such thing as gender identity.

Right now, Naga’s receptive organ was reacting more strongly than his productive one (which was pretty similar to Stinger’s), meaning that his body was recognizing Stinger as the productive source and was willingly adapting to it.

Stinger’s tail came around him again, tugging gently but firmly, trying to get him to let go and come back up again. Naga obliged and uncurled his tongue from around Stinger’s erection.

“Our species seem to be more compatible than others,” Stinger murmured softly. “Maybe that’s why the pull is so strong.” He ran gentle fingers through Naga’s hair. “I want you.” The other’s voice was soft, no more than a whisper, close to Naga’s ear. It sent a rippling wave through his scales again, making them stand up and lie down again, from his neck down to his feet.

“I want you, too.” Naga laid down on his back again and wrapped a leg around Stinger, tugging the other against him and letting Stinger’s appendage brush against his open pouch. “Please.”

It did not take long for Stinger to oblige. When Stinger’s pulsating appendage slid into his pouch and filled him, Naga realized that he was actually feeling something. It was a new sensation, a completely new experience. And it was wonderful.

“What is this feeling?” He asked before he could stop himself.

Stinger merely smiled down at him, “I think it’s pleasure.”

“It’s my first real feeling.” Naga whispered softly. “I am feeling something.”

“I’m glad it’s something like this,” Stinger kissed his forehead. “It’s worthy of being a first.”

Naga found himself agreeing with the other. This definitely was worth becoming something very unforgettable to him. He would make sure to burn it all into his memory.

The physical reminder that Stinger provided him with would help with that.

With the most sensitive nerves running together in his pouch area, Naga could feel every inch of Stinger inside of him and he could feel every slight change as well. The rhythm and pulse changed from one moment to another and when it did, Naga could feel something entering him in small, even waves - it went further than Stinger’s appendage could reach. The thick fluid gathered in his pouch and was enclosed in it as the pouches’ layers began to close again, little by little, as Stinger drew out of him again.

Stinger shivered and then collapsed on top of Naga when he was all the way out again and Naga wrapped his limbs around the other in a reflex. Stinger’s tail also curled itself around him, or both of them actually, protectively. It made sense. They were both at their most vulnerable right now. It made him feel safer. Safe enough to close his eyes and drift off to sleep.

Naga woke up again when he felt Stinger’s tail uncurling from around both of them. It was hard to say how long they had stayed like this - keeping track of time in space was difficult, besides, all of them had a difference sense regarding time in the first place - but Naga felt well rested.

Stinger sat up and Naga got a better look at the other’s back for the first time. He reached up and ran his fingers down the other’s spine, tracing the vertebrae that went from being almost invisible under the other’s skin, to protruding to forming the other’s tail. He also noted that the markings that were on Stinger’s tail were also on the other’s skin, albeit a lot more faint. If one merely glanced at them, they could easily be mistaken for small bruises or maybe even veins.

The tail twitched and then Stinger turned around to look down at Naga.

“This will stay between us?”

“If that is what you want, I will keep silent about it.” Naga nodded.

Stinger took Naga’s hand. “I don’t mean it in a bad way or anything. This isn’t a goodbye or something. No once off. Warriors of my people do not do that.” The Scorpion tribe was a loyal one - which had made Scorpio’s betrayal all the more unbearable and unbelievable probably.

Sitting up fluidly and gracefully like a snake, Naga wrapped his arms around Stinger and then guided the other’s hand down to his now closed pouch. It was the only spot on his body that was warm now. Both due to there being some residue of Stinger’s heat but also because of what was inside of Naga. “My people do not have intercourse for the mere sake of pleasure. Whenever this happens it happens for the sake of reproduction.”

That made Stinger’s eyes widen slightly.

“I can choose when it happens, though. It’s a protective mechanism.” Naga rested his head on Stinger’s shoulder. “And it won’t stop me from doing something like this again.” And he definitely wanted a repeat of the previous night. Or many. So he would be able to feel something.

Ah, feelings and emotions sure were dangerous things. Now that Naga had gotten a taste of them, he did not think that he would be able to stop. But that had been what he wanted, right?

This had been what he had decided was even worth dying for.

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