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[Team Three] Not too shabby

Title: Not too shabby
Fandom: Snowman
Genre: General.
Pairing: None
Summary: Sakuma is the best at the gym, that is until Iwamoto joins.
A/N: This is pointless, but I'm running late (as usual) Someday I may expand on this idea, but for now it is what it is.

“You're not too bad yourself” Sakuma wheezed slightly out of breath. It had been a long day at the gym. He looked over at the new student, who Sakuma had been positive was way too tall to pull off any real gymnastic moves. He had saw the other male and immediately thought he was in the wrong class. Sakuma was the best at the gym for gymnastics and often practiced on his own because no one was quiet as advanced as he was. It was a huge shock when the boy, who was introduced as Iwamoto Hikaru, was put on the beams with him to practice. Skeptical, but not one to be outright rude, Sakuma nodded to the other and continued with his own training.

He was a little worried when his turn had ended, the last thing he wanted was to be the first on the scene of an injury. The second Iwamoto started his flips, Sakuma couldn’t stop gaping. Though tall and muscular, Iwamoto glided through the air. Once he was off the beam he turned to Sakuma for his turn, and started to laugh. “Everyone underestimates me at first, doesn’t last long.” There was pride and amusement in Iwamoto’s voice. Sakuma turned away and blushed, he messed up.

“Sorry”, Sakuma let the word slip quietly before taking his turn. He shook his head, determined to not let his embarrassment at being called out stop him from training. “You know, you’re pretty good.” Iwamoto still had a smile on his face, but a small gleam in his eyes spoke of a competitive side. Sakuma tilted his head and and grinned. It had been far too long since he had a rival. Moving to the mats, the two started to compete like they would at a competition. They seemed perfectly matched, Sakuma’s lithe body giving him an edge, but Iwamoto’s power and accuracy outshined him. Soon, the world slipped away and all that mattered was the feel of the mat under them and the adrenaline rush of pushing their limits. By the time the two finally realized what had happened everyone in the gym was cheering and staring at them in awe. The coach had a gleam in his eyes, one that told of coming trophies and the excitement of more members for the team.

Sakuma was beat red, he was exhausted now that he was coming down from his high, but it was still a little embarrassing to be the center of attention suddenly. He looked over at Iwamoto, who was having a similar reaction, though he seemed admittedly more relaxed about it. Iwamoto caught his eye, “You’re not bad. Almost as good as me.” The crack in his voice showed a bit of nervousness, cute. Sakuma smiled and realized this was the start of something new.

You're up kira_shadow!

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