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[team one] untitled

Apologies for being a bit late! New AU again lol. Some mentions of blood and violence.

All Sanghyuk wanted was some snacks for the evening. Some chocolate, maybe a bit of candy. Then he went out - and there was the full moon, glaring at him.

Maybe it was trying to warn him of what would happen. Of the wolf, lurking in the bushes in the park on his way home. The deep growl that sent shivers down his spine and had him walking just a smidge faster. (Maybe a little more.) The pair of yellow eyes shining like the moon as the wolf followed him. The attack, the pounce, tackling him to the ground before he could yell for help or even run away.

And then, the gut-wrenching pain in his side when the wolf bit him and he finally found his voice and screamed, screamed his heart out because the pain was so overwhelming and he knew nothing else.

And then, just like that, the weight on him was gone, the wolf disappearing in the night, and he was left with a bleeding gash in his side and drying tear tracks on his temple, whimpering, sobbing as he sat up and tried to breathe without throwing up.

And then he threw up.

It was all a blur, but now he remembers it in vivid, horrifying detail - even the feeling of the wolf’s ragged fur when he futilely tried to grab it.

This is the second time he wakes up naked in the woods, dirty and cold. At this point he is pretty sure that the wolf was not simply a wolf, and that the bite did more than wound and traumatize him. Already the next day he started to feel its effects; increased hearing, better sense of smell, stronger focus. He has seen enough werewolf movies to know what was happening to him.

He didn’t start turning until the month after, when the full moon came up, glaring once again. And then he lost all control.

He has no memory of that first night, nor the second. But the first morning, he was alone. This time when he wakes up there’s a man sitting a bit away from him - dirty, like him; partially clothed, unlike him. He’s watching him with somewhat of a somber look - when he sees Sanghyuk sit up, he seems to try to school his expression into something friendlier.

“Here,” he says, throwing a pair of pants at him.

Sanghyuk picks them up and looks down at himself. A sudden warning light goes off in his head, and he looks at the stranger. “Did you- do something?” he asks.

“No!” the stranger says quickly, eyes wide. “I didn’t touch you, I swear. I just want to help. My name is Wonsik. Do you know what’s happening to you?”

“I’m…” Sanghyuk stalls. He doesn’t know this man, or how much he knows - but his phrasing, and his similar disheveled state, hints that he is familiar with what is going on. With what is really happening. “I’m a werewolf.”

Wonsik nods, chewing on his lower lip. “Is this your first full moon?”

“Yeah.” Sanghyuk thinks for a moment. “Are you… are you like me?”

“I am,” says Wonsik. “I’ve been like this for a few years. If you want to talk about it, some help, uh…”


“Well, Sanghyuk, I’m going to go get coffee. If you want to talk, you can put on those pants and come with me.” He stands, but stops in his tracks when he notices Sanghyuk frowning at him. “What?”

“Neither of us is really… wearing much. Do you think any coffee shop will let you in?” Sanghyuk asks.

Wonsik chuckles. “Listen,” he says and lifts his head, almost sniffing the air.

Sanghyuk listens, as told - and hears a car on gravel, probably nearby. “A car?”

“That’s our ride.”
Tags: *team one, fandom: vixx, love ranger: wolfodder, warning: might contain triggers
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