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[team four] empire fall

It’s not easy. Picking up the pieces after a loss like that never is.

“There’s no need to look so devastated,” Jimin says, clearing up the board pretty fast without his help.

“We can always just have another round.”

“You beat me,” Yoongi says, “You beat me.”

“We both beat you,” Seokjin sits back a little to stretch his legs. His knees crack, resoundingly. Jimin’s shoulders jerk at the sound.

“Jeez, hyung.”

“Don’t mock the ancients, now,” Seokjin sighs, and sits up straight to set off every vertebra in his spine. “Especially not the ancient that won first place.”

“You both beat me,” Yoongi repeats, a little shellshocked. Jimin’s shuffling all the cards in a heap together haphazardly, and Yoongi’s trying to absorb it but he can’t. After all that strategy, his plans.

“I’m not mocking you, hyung,” Jimin mumbles, and then says some other stuff that neither of them can make out.

“That’s capitalism on Mars for you,” Seokjin says to Yoongi, cheerfully. “You got beat.”

“Terraforming Mars,” Yoongi says, absently.

“Capitalism,” Seokjin insists. “We’re just companies trying to get as big as McDonalds, except we’re on Mars.”

“Capitalism,” Jimin agrees.

Yoongi has nothing to say.

“Hyung,” Jimin starts, all matter-of-fact. He snaps his fingers in Yoongi’s face. “If you hadn’t cheated three times we wouldn’t have had to dock three of your industries.”

“Didn’t cheat,” Yoongi insists, lying through his teeth. Then, again, “You beat me.”


terraforming mars seems like a fun game c:

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