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[Team Two] All By Myself

Hiiiiiiii I'm back after a two-year hiatus :D/ thesecretdoor skipped, so I took my turn. Let's see if I remember how to post;;

Short Koshoku Robot snippet.

“Trip? Just the two of you? You mean you’re going to leave me?”

Mujaki stares up at Nozomi-sama in horror. He knows he should be happy for her, but he can’t stop thinking about himself. What is he going to do at home all alone? Mujaki is quite certain that he’s going to die from loneliness. The thought frightens him so much that his power shuts down.

When he comes to, he’s back at the izakaya and Yancha and Ottori are playing a game of karuta. Mujaki braces himself for the inevitable tantrum.

Moments later, Ottori yet again swipes a card calmly, and Yancha jumps out of his seat. “I hate this goddamn game!” he roars. “This sucks.”

Mujaki says nothing as Yancha continues to curse and rage. It’s only when he turns to stomp back to his charging dock that their eyes meet.

“Oh, Mujaki. You’re awake.”

Mujaki nods glumly.

“Good morning, Mujaki,” Ottori says, stacking up the karuta cards in a neat pile.

Mujaki nods glumly.

Yancha plops down onto the chair to his left. “Oi. Don’t look so down. It’s not like she’s gone forever.”

Mujaki pouts.

“As androids, we should be happy for our masters,” Ottori says, floating over to join them at their charging stations. “Nozomi-san must be over the moon she’s going on her first trip away with her boyfriend.”

“I know that, but what am I going to do when she’s gone? I’ll be lonely all over here by myself with just me and my sake bottle.”

You're up, sanadas_sanity
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