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[mod post] sign ups/reshuffle

[Shuffle Start!]

We're moving into fall (and it's been ~6 months), so Mousi and I thought it might be a good time for a check-in before we head into the busy school season for those who are studying, and the pre-holidays/holidays for everyone.

As a quick reminder, or if you're newer to the scene, how this works is you leave a comment below if you're still in, would like to step out, if you're happy with the team you're on and would like to stay, if you'd like to be added or removed from the sonic restarter list, if you'd like to be moved to or moved out of the ao3 pilot group or slow team (five days vs. three days), if your contact info has changed or you need to be poked on a different platform when it's your turn.

Captains, please confirm that you'd like to remain captain, or let us know if you'd prefer to step down. If you're not a captain but wouldn't mind taking on the role, please feel free to indicate your interest.

Things seem to be going reasonably well, but please leave a comment if there are any issues you'd like to bring up, or contact one of us at @mousapelli (same for gmail) or @tulipsalt (

The latest rules post is here for reference.

If you're new, welcome! Please comment below, maybe mention what fandoms you like to write, if you need to be poked outside of LJ (include that contact info), if you're interested in joining the slow team or the ao3 pilot team, and any questions.

We'll go to the end of the round for all teams, sonic will continue as usual throughout, and please let me know if I forgot anything!

team one: done
team two: done
team three: done
team four: done
team five: done
team pilot: done
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