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[Team 3] But What If It's...Aliens?

HQ, Kuroo/Oikawa college roommate AU because this is what happens with a weird first line.

"I think I have a new theory, and it involves goats," Oikawa says, way too earnest for seven in the morning.

Kuroo groans and presses the pillows against his head tighter. They’re about three weeks into university and his new roommate dropped any indication that he might be a normal person five days ago when they were drunk on sneaked-in beers and Kuroo replied to Oikawa’s “Do you believe in aliens, Kuroo-chan?” with “I don’t know, I guess.”

“Do we have practice this morning?” Kuroo mumbles around his pillow barriers.

“No,” Oikawa says.

“Then get out,” Kuroo replies.

Oikawa doesn’t get out. Oikawa flops onto Kuroo’s bed next to him and makes Kuroo bounce on the mattress, shoving Kuroo over until he’s comfortable. Kuroo hates Oikawa so much right now. This early he can’t even remember how much fun their first day had been when they bonded over both losing to stupid, unpredictable Karasuno at pivotal moments.

“Don’t be like that,” Oikawa says sweetly, tugging on one of Kuroo’s pillows until he can tuck it under his own chest. “I just wanted to share my newest theory.”

“And you couldn’t schedule sharing time for, like, noon? After I’ve had coffee?” Kuroo asks. But he’s given up, and he knows it. He sighs, and looks over at Oikawa sleepily.

“Scientific discovery can’t wait for lunch,” Oikawa says importantly, though he does pet Kuroo’s hair as he says it. Kuroo tries to be strong, but he can’t help leaning into it when Oikawa’s fingernails scratch his scalp and he hates that just this little thing mollifies him. “Anyway, about the goats.”

“Mmm,” Kuroo says, closing his eyes when Oikawa hits a good spot.

“There’s this thing called the chupacabra – it doesn’t exist, it’s made up—“

“Unlike aliens,” says Kuroo.

“Yes!” Oikawa agrees enthusiastically. “Exactly! But anyway, this thing is a goat eater and there are all sorts of stories about farmers in the Americas losing their cute little goats to this monster. But what if–“ And at this, Oikawa’s tone goes academic, scientific, and Kuroo has to suppress a laugh because he doesn’t want Oikawa to stop touching his hair. “What if it’s aliens abducting all those goats, hmm?”

Kuroo waits for more, but apparently there isn’t more. “This is the theory you woke me up for?” He opens his eyes and raises an eyebrow. Oikawa’s eyes meet Kuroo’s then, his hand still tangled in Kuroo’s hair, and from here Kuroo can see that Oikawa’s even prettier up close than he is far away. He thought finding out that his roommate is an über-dork would make that fact easier to ignore, but no. Kuroo’s still in trouble.

“No, I didn’t wake you up for that. I know that theory’s stupid,” Oikawa admits, his tongue darting out to wet his top lip. Kuroo’s face heats up as he notices that, every part of him suddenly some mix of confused and turned on. Then, Oikawa leans in and kisses Kuroo, full on the mouth, and if Kuroo hadn’t been all the way awake before, he sure is now. “I woke you up for this.”

All you, orangegreenlove!
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