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[TEAM FOUR] On Your Mark

I've been pretty much creatively brain dead for a few weeks now but somehow I decided this was the perfect time to try writing a new (to me!) pairing? <.< I hope you enjoy some KiriBaku makeout times. Rated PG-13 for Bakugo's potty mouth.

The last bite he let Kirishima leave was fading. Bakugo had noticed that morning, still half asleep, toothbrush hanging from his mouth, that he could just barely see the mark half covered by the loose strap of his tank top. He wasn’t some needy brat who had to be coddled by his boyfriend, who needed reassuring or some dumb shit but… he liked them. Those marks that reminded him of the heat of Kirishima’s mouth on his skin. Though he’d kick anyone’s ass who said so.

They were studying in Kirishima’s room in the quiet hour before bed so, of course, they were really stacked up against the headboard making out having done the bare minimum required studying.

Bakugo was sitting with his back to the wall and Kirishima sprawled over his lap. Letting himself be pinned down wasn’t usually a thing he suffered but there were rare exceptions. His hands tight on Kirishima’s hips while they kissed deep and wet was definitely one of them. Bakugo broke the kiss to gasp for air, head tilting back just a fraction. Kirishima chuckled in his ear and dragged his lips down to Bakugo’s neck just like he intended.

Some people might say that Kirishima’s teeth were intimidating but Bakugo liked them. He liked the faint pressure on his skin, it was strangely soothing and he could never be accused of avoiding potential danger. He panted lightly as Kirishima kissed down his neck, lips flitting over sensitive skin - that spot behind his ear, the hinge of his jaw, the curve of his shoulder. Suddenly Kirishima was pulling away, leaning back to give Bakugo’s collarbone a long, considering look. He opened his eyes and glared.
“Who the fuck told you to stop?”

Kirishima was long immune to Bakugo’s crankiness. He actually suspected the fucker found it cute or something. He just smiled a warm, secret smile as his fingers traced the faint outline Bakugo had noticed this morning.

“I can give you another one, if you want.” His touch trailed down to the curved muscles of Bakugo’s chest, Maybe here,” down farther to his stomach, “or here.”

The words escaped before Bakugo could stop them - before he even thought about it. “You could do it here,” his traitorous fingers on his own neck, following the path Kirishima’s lips had just marked out.

Kirishima’s eyes widened, “But everyone could see that. They would know…”

‘That we’ve been fooling around, that you let me put my mouth on you, that we’re together’ Bakugo’s brain supplied the possible endings to his sentence. Most of their classmates suspected already though neither Bakugo or Kirishima had ever confirmed anything. This would fix that - they would definitely know.

“Look, it doesn’t have to be a big, fucking deal, right? If… that happens.” He knew his cheeks must be flaming red, he felt Kirishima’s gaze on him like a blanket. He couldn’t quite meet his eyes.

Kirishima didn’t leave him hanging for more than a stunned second before surging forward to tackle-hug all the air out of his lungs with a squeal of delight.

“Don’t make it weird,” he wheezed into Kirishima’s horribly bright hair. Kirishima just laughed, the sound a pleasant vibration where his face was buried in Bakugo’s neck.

Kirishima pulled back enough for Bakugo to register his brilliant grin, all startled happiness, “You are a pretty big fucking deal to me, Katsuki. But I’ll try to contain the weirdness.”

Whatever Bakugo was going to say in response dissolved into a moan as Kirishima wasted no time setting his mouth to the column of Bakugo’s neck and sucking lightly for just a moment. Bakugo’s hips twitched up into Kirishima’s, his hands tightening on the broad muscles of his back as Kirishima’s teeth grazed his skin before sinking in just enough.

He could already feel the outline where the mark would be, halfway up and impossible to cover. Whatever - if anyone gave them shit about it he’d just kick their asses. He could tell that he was well on his way to being the useless, panting, squirming mess that Kirishima’s mouth always reduced him to. He always hated signs of weakness but he knew he could make the unbreakable Kirishima weak too. This was totally worth it.

Your turn, chuyeol!
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