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[Team Five] home

100 words of tododeku in sloppy writing

Coming home used to elicit a flicker of anxiety and resentment in Todoroki Shouto. He struggles to define the place as “home”. He likes to call it a house in public and a living space his head. It’s a distinction he’s adamant about. It used to be a home.

Now, he’s found a new home. It’s astounding to him even now that what people say is true. A home can be a person. Todoroki is proud to admit that he’s found his person, Midoriya Izuku. His liberator. His friend. His love. Because home is where the heart is.

Here are your words, thesockmonster :)
Tags: *team five, fandom: boku no hero academia, love ranger: 93rdfragment
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