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[Team Three] Arrival

Something really quick and dirty - might edit this at some later point - because RL is not being nice right now and bleeh

I don't know if we want to consider this a Katsugeki AU or just generally Touken Ranbu. The units are taken from Katsugeki, though, so I guess that's that.

A surprised loud squeak could be heard from Konosuke when Tonbokiri and Mutsunokami set the large chest down in the forging room in front of their master. “Thank you very much. You may leave now and get some rest.” The white-haired Saniwa smiled at them. “Congratulations on your successful recovery mission. With this our numbers will increase once more.”

“What might be inside this box, aruji?” Mutsunokami asked.

Tonbokiri shot the chest a complicated glance. “A new comrade.”

“That’s right, Tonbokiri. And I assume that you have a feeling as to who it might be.” The Saniwa touched the chest. “I do not know how long it will take to summon him but I will let you know.”

That was their dismissal.

They met up with the rest of their unit on the way to the maintenance bay.

“What do you think was in that chest, Kane-san?” Horikawa asked.

“Beats me,” Izuminokami shrugged.

Tonbokiri sat down on the bench. “A new comrade.”

“Is that why you were so certain about that particular chest?” Yagen looked up at the taller male.

Mutsunokami crossed his arms. “A brother of yours?”

Before the spear could answer, the door opened and another group of swords filed in. It was the Third Unit led by Kashuu Kiyomitsu. Yamatonokami Yasusada was by his side - as usual. The two smiled when they saw Horikawa and Izuminokami.

“Welcome back!”

“Ah, Kashuu, Yamatonokami!” Horikawa smiled at the two fellow shinsengumi swords. Then he blinked. “Is Nagasone-san not with you?”

“He has to get some minor repairs. You know how he is.” Kashuu shrugged.

Izuminokami frowned, “Shouldn’t you be with him then as the captain of this unit?”

“He kicked us out,” both Kashuu and Yamatonokami replied in unison, making Horikawa chuckle softly and Izuminokami roll his eyes.

Tonbokiri smiled at the group but there was something complicated about his smile. It didn’t go by unnoticed. Tsurumaru brought the conversation back to where it had stopped before the arrival of the Third Unit. “Do you happen to know more about the comrade we’re expecting?”

“He’s a good sword. Maybe a little strange but good, I swear. I just worry about how he might get along with some of the people around here. There’s...some history.” His eyes lingered on Kashuu Kiyomitsu, who was bickering with Yamatonokami. “Some not entirely pleasant history maybe. I do not know the details, though.”

Mutsunokami patted the lance on the back. “Some of us have that kind of history. But that’s all in the past. We are no longer wielded by our old masters.”

“Maybe you’re right. Maybe I’m worried for nothing.”

The door opened once again and the sound of soft laughter could be heard. “You have always been a worrywart, Tonbokiri. I see that this hasn’t changed at all. Huhuhu,” soft chuckling drifted into the room and then a tall figure with long, flowing purplish-pink hair seemed to float into the room. They immediately drew all eyes towards them.

“The name’s Sengo Muramasa. But I might be better known as the bloodthirsty cursed demon blade. Pleased to make your acquaintance. To celebrate our encounter, shall we undress?”

[A/N:Kashuu and Yasusada as well as Nagasone are in the 3rd Unit, a nod to the 3rd Shinsengumi Unit which was headed by Saito Hajime and whose swords are still missing from Touken Ranbu]

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