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[team one] moon

as per usual it's a snippet from a wip.

Want; white hot heat surges up his spine as a familiar scent fills his nose, seeps into his bones. Yoongi's claws sink into the soft soil as he runs, grass soft under his paws as he speeds up. The warm wind combs gently through his silver fur as he runs over the open field, eyes searching.

Above him, the moon bathes the summer forest in a soft light. It's a full moon, and Yoongi's pack has taken a day off their human masquerade to bask in the glory of their goddess; the moon. They do live together as a pack so it's not as if they're never seeing each other, but running together under a full moon brings closeness to a pack that nothing else can match. Ties and relationships are strengthened, as well as the wolves themselves.

During full moons they feel themselves getting drawn to the outdoors and to the moon itself. It's no tragedy if a wolf can't make it out on a full moon, but the wolf will feel an underlying sorrow throughout the month. Yoongi thinks that's different from wolf to wolf as he knows several wolves who never seem like they carry that sorrow Yoongi does when he misses a full moon. To Yoongi it feels like his heart grows cold, almost like ice floods his veins.
Yoongi is pulled out of his thoughts by the presence of another wolf. A slightly smaller wolf with chestnut brown fur and forest green eyes trots beside him, looking awfully pleased, tail wagging. Jungkook nudges him with his shoulder once before speeding up, leaving him in his dust.

The full moon makes them playful, energetic. It's like a vitamin boost that makes you want to run and run and run. Yoongi isn't the most active in his human form, but as a wolf and especially under a full moon, he doesn't mind running at all.

hey oneforyourfire, you're up! <3
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