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[team two] Nipple Hunting

My entire team skipped, so I'm told this means I won that round? I've never had that happen before. Either way, it means I can start with any word I want to. Yay~

During the afternoon show at Yokohama Arena, Fujigaya tweaked the nipples of 4 of the 6 other members over the course of the whole and it was amusing to watch. Possibly not fun to experience since I'm told Nika reacted very badly, but it all started with Tama. Tama's also the one who called it nipple hunting (I guess it could also be translated as nipple picking, like how you pick fruit, but let's just go with 'hunting' because it amuses me).

Disclaimer. I was too busy laughing to note which order they said the colors.

At first, Fujigaya doesn’t understand what’s happening, if only for the fact that there’s no way Tamamori is tickling him in the middle of the concert. And not only are they in the middle of a concert, they’re on skates and all seven members are connected in a circle. He releases his own grip on Nikaido’s hips in an attempt to one-handedly swat Tamamori’s hands away, but the tickling only intensifies and suddenly, Nikaido is turning around to face him. Before he knows what’s happening, both he and Nikaido are in a tangle of legs and skates and silver swishy bits.

There’s some shock, but more than that, Fujigaya is already plotting his revenge. He checks to make sure Nikaido isn’t hurt, but then he zeros in on Tamamori. They pass each other a few times and Fujigaya laughs and shoves Tamamori a bit, but that’s just to make him feel at ease. He’s already decided how he’s going to get back at him.

The concert continues and a couple of songs later, Fujigaya sees his chance.

Nikaido, Kitayama, and Yokoo are on carts during Iine!, but the rest of them are freely moving around the stage the whole song. Fujigaya casually makes his way over to where he sees Tamamori coming his way. Tamamori actually turns toward him as they pass but before he can actually say anything, Fujigaya quickly reaches up and tweaks Tamamori’s nipple.

Well, he assumes he’s gotten Tamamori’s nipple. He’s tweaked it enough times in the past to make a pretty good guess of where it is, even under a shirt.

Deed done, he briskly continues on his way feeling very pleased with himself. Tamamori has some of the best reactions and he doesn't disappoint. He's currently clutching at his chest, head thrown back and mouth wide open as he cries out.

The song is winding down and they have their MC next, but he sees that Tamamori is once again heading in his direction and thinks, why not? He continues along the circular path of the outer stage to get within range, but Tamamori sees him and suddenly dashes off in the opposite direction. High off the energy of being mid-concert, Fujigaya doesn’t hesitate to chase after him.

He vaguely registers that the other members are giving them confused looks, but he’s almost caught up with Tamamori. Once on the main stage, Tamamori has no where else to go and Fujigaya seizes his opportunity and down Tamamori goes in a fit of giggles this time.

Yeah. Definitely the best reactions.

Since they’re starting off the MC with Tamamori rolling around on the stage, they do have to talk about it.

“My nipples got hunted!”

Fujigaya carefully pats at his sweat, knowing that the entire audience is watching him. He has zero plans to admit anything until he absolutely has to.

“They were pink,” Tamamori tries to explain without explaining, but when the other members try to ask if he means his nipples were pink, he elaborates that the nipple hunter was pink, possibly wearing a pink jacket.

Yokoo looks down at his own jacket and says, “Mine is orange.”





“Peach,” Fujigaya says as if this conversation has nothing to do with him, but as everyone laughs, he can’t hold it in any longer and starts laughing with them.

They can all hear the staff in their ears telling them they should be thankful that the press cameras are not at this show, but it only makes them laugh harder. Fujigaya tries to blame it all on how Nikaido made him fall even though he hasn't fallen during a show since they first got ramps, but then Nikaido is saying how he only tried to turn around because Fujigaya wasn't skating properly.

"Tama tickled me! And it was from that moment that I decided I was going to hunt his nipples." Fujigaya ends his explanation about what had happened by warning everyone that he might come after them next.

As he looks around at the other members standing in a loose circle, joking about grabbing each others’ nipples, he can’t help but wonder how he got this lucky. Not all groups get along, and there was no reason really for this group of rejects to come this far, and yet here they are. Fujigaya takes a deep breath and before he can think too hard into it, he covers himself by joking how Miyata’s nipples are probably really sweaty so he doesn’t have to worry about them being hunted.
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