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[Team Three] Get the message

Title: Get the Message
Fandom: Haikyuu
Pairing: Kageyama/Hinata
Rating: PG
Summary: Kageyama resorts to the physical when words don't go through.
A/N: Hello one of the shortest shiritori's ever! I realized belatedly that it was my turn and since I've got a busy day tomorrow wrote something super short and quick. I hope some people, at least, think it's cute.

Staring red-faced at each other Kageyama attempted to gauge Hinata’s reaction. When the conversation had started, Kageyama had absolutely no intention of kissing the shorter male. However, Hinata had refused to understand in what way Kageyama ‘liked’ him, and thus he saw no other way. Hinata appeared frozen, cheeks blazing red and his mouth slightly agape. He hadn’t spoken, hadn’t moved. Truthfully Kageyama didn’t think it was that bad, sure they needed some practice, but it wasn’t bad as far as first kisses go he was sure.

Finally Hinata seemed to come to grips with what had happened and he looked down to the ground. His eyes swirled like they usually did when he was trying to process something he didn’t particularly understand or see coming. Kageyama felt like seconds lasted hours as he waited for some sort of definitive response. Finally, Hinata seemed to calm himself enough to at least look at Kageyama. They both were a little on edge, but Kageyama steeled his nerves and prepared for the response, whatever it was to be.

“O-okay.” Hinata looked his straight in the eyes, and Kageyama wasn’t entirely sure he believed what he heard. Part of him was convinced the response was imaginary, but the stronger side of him was so thrill, that he kissed him again, leaving Hinata to let out a surprised loud squeak.

I have been informed that kira_shadow is back in the game as well, so your turn!
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