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[Team Three] A million kisses, and one more

“Unbelievable,” Todoroki murmured, his words muffled against Midoriya’s skin. There were so many freckles, all over Midoriya’s shoulders and down his chest and arms. So many cute, little freckles, and he wanted to kiss every single one of them. He brushed his lips over a cluster of especially cute freckles, right on top of Midoriya’s right shoulder. Cute. So pretty. These were almost more appealing than the freckles on Midoriya’s cheeks, and those had been driving him to distraction pretty much since their first meeting. Midoriya made a questioning noise, fingers fluttering against Todoroki’s cheek. He turned his head and brushed a kiss over those strong fingers, tongue tracing the lines of scar tissue.

Fingers in his hair, pulling his head up, and suddenly soft lips brushed against his. Todoroki returned the kiss, eyes fluttering shut as his tongue moved slickly against Midoriya’s. Midoriya’s shoulders were strong and warm under his hands, solid enough to be comforting, pliant enough to promise happiness. The world tilted and Todoroki found himself flat on his back. Midoriya’s face hovered over him, surrounded by a mess of green curls, so Todoroki dug his fingers into those green strands and tugged his boyfriend down into another kiss. The brush of lips against lips, the gentle touch of fingers on his cheek and in his hair, the distracting scent of soap and shampoo and warm skin. Midoriya’s knee between his thighs, a hint of things to come. The glow of love warm in his chest.

It was Midoriya who broke the kiss, to drag eager lips over Todoroki’s cheek and lick at his scar. Todoroki felt his cheeks going just a little pink, skin growing warm under the gentle caresses of tongue and fingers. He ducked his head and kissed the sensitive spot above Midoriya’s left collarbone, tongue dipping into the slight hollow. There were freckles there too, he noted, scattered about like sweet little stars. He couldn’t reach any other freckles in this position, so he lay back, letting Midoriya do as he willed. Midoriya trailed fingertips over his face as if mapping his features, committing everything to memory, then mirrored his actions from earlier and trailed kisses down his neck.

Todoroki tilted his head back, offering his throat, but Midoriya only brushed a quick kiss across his Adam’s Apple, then licked at the hollow of his throat before continuing down. Todoroki murmured approval, humming as Midoriya touched and caressed each and every one of his sensitive spots. A nip to the spot where neck joined shoulder, a drag of teeth across his collarbone. Slow flicks of tongue over his nipples, until the little nubs were pebbled and hard. Feathering touches across his ribs, and a pinch to his stomach, right below his bellybutton.

A kiss to his hipbone, then a second and third, before Midoriya moved down to nose at his pubic hair. Midoriya had giggled back then, that first time, surprised at the sight of red and white hair, split evenly down the middle, and even now it raised a smile. As far as Todoroki was concerned, Midoriya’s smile was one of the most beautiful things in the world, lighting up his whole face and making his eyes shine. “My hero,” Todoroki murmured, quiet enough he didn’t think Midoriya even heard him.

A kiss to his tip, a puff of air. A gentle brush across his balls, soft caresses of lips and fingers, without hurry. Eyes fluttering shut once more, Todoroki relaxed into the teasing touches. He preferred to take his time, to appreciate every inch of his boyfriend’s body at his own pace, and he enjoyed it when Midoriya returned the favour equally thoroughly. A slow drag of tongue up the length of his shaft, a kiss to the mole on his left hipbone, teasingly light touches of strong fingers. His breath hitched just a little when Midoriya murmured his given name.

Clever fingers curled around his shaft, stroking him slowly while Midoriya licked at his tip. A flick across the head, a slow curl around, and then Midoriya’s tongue dipped into the slit for a moment, drawing a low moan from Todoroki. “Izuku, ah,” he moaned, as close to begging as he’d come so far. Begging or even just asking for what he wanted didn’t come natural to him, but luckily Midoriya was good at guessing what he wanted or needed even if he couldn’t find the words to express it.

Another flick of tongue, and then Midoriya took him into his mouth, sucking just a little. The inside of Midoriya’s mouth was hot and slick, hot enough that Todoroki didn’t need to worry if it was weird that the right side of his dick was just a little colder than the left. He dug his fingers into soft green hair, holding on and tugging a little. They’d done this often enough that he knew exactly how hard he needed to pull to make Midoriya groan around his shaft. He’d learned how to dig his fingers in just right, just like Midoriya had figure out when to apply his tongue and when to suck, when to squeeze with his fingers and when to draw back to grin at him.

Midoriya crawled up for another kiss, tasting faintly of Todoroki. Todoroki hummed happily, pulling him close, holding on. He missed the feeling of Midoriya’s slick, hot mouth around his shaft, but the press of Midoriya’s firm body against his was almost as good, especially when his boyfriend rolled his hips to rub against him. “Ahh,” Todoroki moaned, quite a bit louder than intended, the noise drawn from him by the nearly overwhelming feeling of Midoriya’s hard shaft pressing against his own.

His hips rose of their own volition, moving in slow circles against Midoriya’s equally slow waves. Their kiss was hungry, almost overwhelming in its intensity, until all Todoroki could do was to cling tightly to Midoriya’s shoulders and hold on for dear life.

“Izuku,” he murmured against Midoriya’s lips, toes curling. “Izuku, ahhh.”

“Yes,” Midoriya agreed, raining kisses across his face, “yes, yes.”

He wasn’t sure what Midoriya was agreeing to, if the words even had meaning, he only knew he needed more, needed to be closer. Fingers digging into Midoriya’s shoulders, he buried his nose against Midoriya’s neck to muffle his moans as his pleasure crested and washed him away, heat and cold rushing through his veins in a culmination of of power and undiluted pleasure. Vaguely, distantly, he felt Midoriya shiver against him as well, his name on Midoriya’s tongue a bright spot in a sky filled with fireworks.

Next up is mousapelli!
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