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[team one] icebergs

woohoo i'm finally here after 2384920934 skips... albeit a bit late, but still! enjoy :3

"Promise me now, Rose, and never let go of that promise," Jaehwan whispers.

Taekwoon isn't particularly surprised that Jaehwan has this dialogue memorised, but he is surprised to hear a sniffle, and when he turns his head to the side he's equally as surprised to see that Jaehwan's cheeks are wet. It's not like he'd objected to Jaehwan's choice of movie, but now he thinks maybe he should have.

"Are you alright?" he whispers, shifting on the lounge and feeling vaguely uncomfortable.

He doesn't know where the others are—hiding, apparently, since they'd made themselves scarce the moment they'd heard the intro strains of My Heart Will Go On—but he wishes someone was here to deal with this. He's not very good with crying people, and he's especially not very good with crying Jaehwan, who likes to sob and snot a lot. So when Jaehwan trains his eyes on Taekwoon and pouts, looking like a kicked puppy, Taekwoon feels his stomach do a flip and blinks in surprise. "She said she'd never let go, but she let go! What's the point of that promise?"

"It wasn't a literal promise," Taekwoon points out. On the screen, Leonardo DiCaprio is starting to freeze. "He wanted her to promise that she'd live, not physically never let go of him."

"But—but—it's so sad!" Jaehwan wails, and with a sob, flings himself onto Taekwoon.

He's warm, is Taekwoon's first thought, and then he chastises himself. Of course Jaehwan would be warm. He's alive and warm and breathing (unlike Jack), so him being warm is natural. But his warmth is nice in Taekwoon's arms, and whereas ordinarily he'd try and escape the contact he just wraps both arms around Jaehwan and holds him close instead, trying to ignore the way his heart is racing. Stupid, stupid. He'd vowed never to let this crush rear its head again, but old habits die hard. "Hush," he whispers, rubbing circles on Jaehwan's back and wishing he could vocalise the traitourous thoughts running through his head.

But then Jaehwan plants a hand on Taekwoon's thigh to push himself up, and then their faces are perilously close together, and then Taekwoon breathes out as Jaehwan breathes in and he feels his heart skip a beat. "Jaehwan," he says, but he doesn't really go any further because Jaehwan blinks and he's struck by the beauty of the tears weighing heavy on his eyelashes. He swallows, reorients, finds himself again. Tries to ignore the fact that he's getting hard. Fails. "It's just a movie."

"I know," Jaehwan whispers, and then leans forward and kisses Taekwoon.

That statement and the kiss have nothing in common, but Taekwoon's too busy being mesmerised by the feel of Jaehwan's lips to care. They feel just as soft as they look, and he slides a hand in Jaehwan's hair to deepen the kiss, unable to stop himself. It's hot and it's wet and it's everything he's ever wanted, and by the time he pulls back he's panting and his heart is racing out of his skin. Jaehwan's looking at him like he's never seen him before, and Taekwoon's sure he looks the same. "Wow," Taekwoon breathes.

"Wow," Jaehwan echoes.

They don't say anything more. Jaehwan lays back down on the sofa, but this time he puts his head in Taekwoon's lap, and fishes around for Taekwoon's hand to pull it close. They watch the rest of the movie like that, not speaking, not needing to; Taekwoon strokes Jaehwan's head, and Jaehwan hums happily, and Taekwoon knows that this—despite Rose bobbing around in the ocean like a freezing cork—is truly happiness.

you're up, wolfodder!
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