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[team one] warm

Another one of my 400 wips, yay.

It's cold, but then again it's always cold in the North. Yoongi just can't seem to get used to it, even after over a moon's time, he still wakes up with his thoughts on the cold. His room is the warmest one in the entire castle; there's a constant fire in his fireplace in addition to the pipes with hot water that are supplying the entire castle with heat from the underground hot springs.

The people at Winterfell, the northerners, are taking well care of him, pampering him and showering him with clothes and blankets made out of the softest, warmest wool, and Yoongi feels incredible grateful, knows he's lucky for being received like this. Not everyone, including his own siblings, are as lucky as him, being received with love at the place you're sent to for your arranged marriage. So Yoongi is grateful, knows the old gods have blessed him with this; with Winterfell, the northerners and of course, his husband to be.

And yet, Yoongi can't get used to the cold, no matter how hard he tries. He feels bad about it, awful even. Several people, including his husband to be, have told him that he'll get used to it eventually. It's no wonder why he's cold, they've told him. After all, he's born and raised in the South. Yoongi misses Highgarden. Not to the point where he'd cry - how would that help him anyway - but he finds himself thinking of the green fields, the warmth from the sun, the gentle breeze. He's a southerner through and through. It'll take a lot to make a northerner out of him.

Waking up, Yoongi partly contemplates turning his back to the faint winter sun and go back to sleep. His furs and covers are warm, and Yoongi loves being warm. However, a tiny voice in his head that has an uncanny similarity to Winterfell's maester Sungmin, telling him that he has to take advantage of these few, remaining rays of sunlight before they will be eaten by the long winter.

Despite himself, Yoongi takes a deep breath and slips out of the bed, wincing immediately at the lukewarm temperature in the room.

The spotlight is yours, oneforyourfire <3
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