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[TEAM FOUR] And Victor Makes Three

Christophe and Georgi are just settling in with the champagne when there's a knock at the hotel room door.

"Hey, some genius put a bottle of champagne on the desk!" Christophe pulled it from the ice bucket, dripping water onto the complimentary brioche basket. He picked up a flute and handed it to Georgi. "And that genius was me."

"And you want me to praise you for buying champagne?" Georgi jumped a little when the cork popped; he always did, even when he knew it was coming. "You always buy champagne."

"I want you to do something else to me." Christophe filled both glasses. "But let's drink and flirt a little first." He raised his glass, meeting Georgi's eyes over the rim. It was always better to warm Georgi up a bit first; he responded best to charm and romance.

"To us," Georgi said and raised his glass as well.

There was a knock at the door.

"Whoever it is," Christophe said, "I'll get rid of them." He set his champagne down, untasted, and went to answer it.

"I brought my own glass!" Victor said and pushed past Christophe into the room.

"Go away," Christophe said. "We're busy."

"Why are you here?" Georgi said but he clinked his glass against Victor's and they both drank.

"Don't mind me," Victor said. "I'm just bored and lonely. Since Yuuri isn't here." He sat on the edge of the bed next to Georgi and crossed his legs, leaning back on one hand.

"Have you ever heard of Skype or Facetime?" Christophe said. "Or, you know, the telephone?"

"Time zones." Victor made a face. "But you just go ahead." He sipped his champagne and made another face. "Couldn't you afford a better brand?"

"He always buys that one," Georgi said.

"I remember!" Victor said. "Does he still use that line about what a genius he is?"

"Hey!" Christophe said. Did he really use that line every time? And that was a perfectly acceptable champagne!

Georgi laughed. "Same cheap champagne, same old lines." He leaned closer to Christophe and looked at him over the rim of the glass, the move that Christophe always used on him. "Same hot ass."

Christophe relaxed a little. Definitely the hottest ass in the room and that was saying something. "So, Victor–"

"Let's see it!" Victor broke in.

"Yes," Georgi said. "Let's."

Ordinarily, Christophe would be only too happy to get naked. But ordinarily, his nakedness gave him power. Right now, he was close to losing control of the situation. He turned around, hand on his hip, and twisting his head to look over his shoulder. But he left his trousers on. Better to tease a little until he had a better read on what was going on.

"So, Victor," he said again just as Victor squeezed his ass.

"Still nice," Victor said. "How's yours?" he said to Georgi. "It was definitely quite a handful."

"Wait, what?" Christophe turned around again.

"Also still nice," Georgi said. "I assume yours too."

"Did you two used to hook up? Christophe couldn't believe he'd never heard about it. Or, apparently, considered it.

"A little," Georgi said and his cheeks went a little pink.

"A lot when we were young," Victor said. "A little after that."

"So," Christophe said and was damn well going to talk over anyone who tried to interrupt him. "Does that mean you're here to join us?" He was gambling a little, he wasn't sure Georgi was the three-way type. But at this point, it probably couldn't hurt to ask.

"Oh, no," Victor said. "I'm not allowed."

"You can't just sit there and watch us!" Christophe said. That might be fun with some people but Victor would just make sarcastic remarks and criticize their technique.

"I'm not planning to." Victor picked up the bottle and topped up his glass.

"Well, if you're lonely," Georgi said, "it's okay to drink with us for a while."

"I'm incredibly lonely," Victor said. "But that's not why I'm here."

"Then why?" Christophe said, more loudly than he intended. "Why do you care that we're hooking up?"

"Oh, I don't care about that," Victor said easily. "But Yuuri told me that you used to hook up with him so I'm here to prevent you from having sex with anyone else ever again."

"Maybe I'll go," Georgi said. He set down his glass and edged towards the door. "I'll be in the bar. Maybe."

"Sit down, Chris," Victor said. "I have 300 pictures to show you of Yuuri and I on holiday in Tunisia."

Christophe sat. "Have you ever thought about retiring so you can spend more time at home?"

Next is beltenebra! I hope these words are better than last time. :)
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