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[Team Three] Heat

Whops, late XD sorry! Boku no Hero Academia fic, because clearly Todoroki's pretty face needs to be licked.

“Tolerate the noise just a little longer, I think they’re almost done,” Midoriya said. He was digging through his closet for the spare blankets, because Todoroki was clearly nesting, heat brought on early by all the pheromones floating around the dorms.

Of course Kacchan produced about three times more pheromones than any of the other alphas, and of course he and Kirishima had synced up in record time. Now the two alphas regularly drove everyone crazy with their fuck-fighting. A few times the pheromone levels had been high enough that even betas like Iida had been affected. Half the omegas went into heat early every time Kacchan’s heats started, and Todoroki was one of the most affected since his cycle wasn’t particularly stable yet.

Midoriya dropped two additional blankets on the bed, then wrapped the third around Todoroki’s shoulders. It wasn’t so much about warmth - even half delirious Todoroki could control his quirk well enough to keep warm - but more for comfort. Midoriya’s body was still confused about the whole alpha thing and didn’t produce the correct pheromones half the time, but his blankets still smelled like him and that scent alone was enough to calm Todoroki somewhat. He nudged Todoroki over, more towards the middle of his bed. Todoroki leaned into the touch, clinging almost, and buried his face against Midoriya’s neck to nuzzle his pheromone glands.

Midoriya froze, mentally going through his checklist of expected alpha behaviour. Reassurance was what was needed, not domination, so he lightly petted his boyfriend’s hair and hugged him close until Todoroki relaxed against him. He pulled Todoroki’s shirt up over his head, ruffling his hair, and dropped it over the side of the bed - there was no way his omega boyfriend would have let him get up long enough to fold it and put it away properly.

The temperature difference between Todoroki’s right and left side was a bit more pronounced than usual, but not enough to be worrisome quite yet, so Midoriya made a mental note to keep an eye on it. He stretched out on his bed and pulled Todoroki against his side. It should have felt weird to have his taller boyfriend curled against him, with Todoroki’s head resting on his shoulder, but somehow it didn’t. It felt right, as if the world was exactly the way it was supposed to be.

Midoriya blinked at the unexpected thought. He recognized that assurance of course - he’d heard and read enough about how alphas reacted to the scent of their omega’s heat to recognize the reaction, even in himself. This was a good sign, a very good sign. He’d been a beta until he’d inherited All Might’s quirk, and same as his struggles to properly control his quirk without breaking his bones, his hormones were still messed up, flipping back and forth between alpha and beta until he barely knew who he was some days.

“Hey,” Todoroki murmured, fingers splayed over Midoriya’s heart.

“Hey,” Midoriya replied, snapping out of his train of thought. He wasn’t sure how much of that he’d said aloud, but this wasn’t the time - he needed to pay attention. The early stages of heat were the most important, and doing everything correctly now would mean a much easier heat for his boyfriend. What Todoroki needed was mostly cuddling and reassurance, so he kissed Todoroki’s forehead, hugged him close and rubbed his hands in slow circles over Todoroki’s muscular back.

Just as predicted, Bakugou and Kirishima finished up with one last howl and explosion. Without the distracting noise, Todoroki’s heart rate slowed down, though his glands kept pumping out pheromones. Midoriya rubbed his fingers over Todoroki’s neck and shoulders, petting him and stimulating his glands at the same time until Todoroki was practically purring in his arms. He wasn’t sure which of them moved first, but they were kissing suddenly, Todoroki’s lips brushing softly against his.

He caressed Todoroki’s face and hair, touching everything. Why the white half of Todoroki’s hair was so much smoother than the red half, he could never figure out, but the texture was endlessly fascinating. Even the white half of Todoroki’s pubic hair was smooth instead of curly, and almost downy soft. Midoriya chased that thought away quickly - it was too soon to get naked. Another hour or two of cuddling before the pants came off would be best.

Breaking the kiss, he trailed light kisses down Todoroki’s jaw and throat, to lick and nip at his shoulders. It wasn’t a mating bite yet, just a bit of teasing, but nice enough to make Todoroki hum happily. In theory they were bonded, had been for months, but Todoroki’s hormones were still too messed up for for it to take properly. Todoroki had been forced by his father to take hormone blockers and supplements in a failed attempt to make him into an alpha, since most of the most famous heroes were alphas. All it had done was mess him up, mentally, emotionally and physically. Once Todoroki had moved into the dorms, he’d slowly lowered the doses, and by now he’d stopped them completely, but his body was still fighting itself and trying to find a new balance. Heats were a struggle, but Midoriya was helping as much as he could.

Midoriya kissed his way back up to lick at Todoroki’s pretty face, tasting his sweat. The fire half always seemed a tiny bit tastier, but he’d never been able to figure out if that was fact or his imagination. It wasn’t like he could ask anyone else to taste-test lick his boyfriend’s face repeatedly. Meanwhile, Todoroki was tracing Midoriya’s scars with his fingers, trailing careful fingertips over arms, hands and torso to follow ragged scar tissue.

The sound of a low moan made Midoriya draw back. Todoroki’s face was flushed and his eyes looked just a little glazed. Good. It seemed like this time around, his heat was following a more normal routine, which should make it a lot easier. Continuing his slow caresses, he licked at Todoroki’s ear, then nibbled on his earlobe until his omega boyfriend squirmed.

Next up is mousapelli !
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