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[team sonic] flights of fancy

YYE is killing me, I have so many YutoYama ideas and yet I can't seem to write anything more than a few hundred words...Starting words from here

“The second door to the right.” Yamada hisses under his breath.

“Third floor?” Yuto confirms because he’s a little drunk and a lot excited and he doesn’t want to fuck this up.

Yamada just glares. “Five minutes.”

Yuto makes his way back into the hotel bar while Yamada turns for the stairs. When Hikaru catches sight of him he yawns for effect – he hopes to hell Hikaru doesn’t decide to go up to bed in the next half hour because his tired excuse won’t look half as credible if he’s not in bed when Hikaru gets to their room. Yamada is sharing with Arioka and Chinen, the latter of whom convinced the former to take him out for cow’s tongue because it’s Hokkaido and he just has to have it. Yuto wonders what Yamada promised to buy Chinen in exchange for the favour, he doesn’t really care though.

“Has Yama-chan gone to bed?” It’s Yabu that asks.

Yuto shrugs, he’s a good actor, as egotistical as it is to say it himself – he’s a fucking good actor. “How should I know? Didn’t he go with Chi-chan or something?” another yawn. “Jeez, I’m beat” - not quite as smooth but Yabu has already turned to talk to Takaki and it’s easy for Yuto to slip back out of his seat and into the corridor.

The others are already forgotten by the time he’s started up the stairs, the thought of what is waiting for him up just a few more flights has him dashing up two at a time, not even looking back.

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