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[team two] An-chan

Reports say that Totsuka went to see the final Tokyo show of Kitayama's butai "An-chan" so naturally, I had to write something. Spoilers about the butai itself.

“You did well here, Hiromitsu,” Totsuka congratulates as he enters the dressing room. Kitayama rises from where he’d been packing up his stuff and meets Totsuka where the edge of the tatami mats meets the hard floor. The hallway is buzzing with people, everyone finishing up so they can all go out to celebrate the final Tokyo show. The only thing separating them from the chaos outside is the traditional noren curtain, and so Totsuka doesn’t pull Kitayama in for kiss like he wants to. He doesn’t hold on to him like feels like he needs to after experiencing the emotional roller coaster that is “An-chan.”

He’d known the general story line before today, but the general story was not the play.

Within the first 5 minutes of the play, his heart had hurt for the family suddenly faced with the father that had abandoned them nearly 25 years ago. He’d felt for the 6 year old Ryo who refused to go to school in hopes that maybe his father might call. He’d felt horrified for the three children when they’d found out that their father no longer remembered them and the sadness for the father who could not remember his own children.

Logically, he knows that it’s just a character, but Kitayama just gets better and better with each butai. For those two hours, he was An-chan.

Now it’s just Kitayama in front of him and there’s a little relief in that, but Kitayama knows him so well that he tugs Totsuka out of direct view of the door and wraps his arms around him and squeezes. “Thank you for coming. It means a lot.”

Totsuka squeezes back. He knows that Kitayama’s words may sound simple but when you take into consideration that the two of them have such a long history together, Totsuka knows there’s a lot more to the words. He’s saying that it means a lot to him that as a rival, someone in the same industry as him, Totsuka came to see his progress and growth, but that also as his significant other, Kitayama’s happy to have his support.

Totsuka reaches up to cup his cheek and glances towards the door to see if the coast is clear before he briefly presses their lips together. He wishes he could take his time, but this is not the time nor place for that. “I’d better get going before someone comes to get you.”

“Do you need a ride? It might take longer, but if you wanna wait around a little, we could probably drop you off on the way to the restaurant,” Kitayama offers, not seeming to want to let go either.

Totsuka pretends to think about it, but he knows that with An-chan’s Osaka shows, Kisumai’s tour, and then his own schedule, time together is going to continue being hard to come by for a while. “Okay. I’ll wait.”

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