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[team two] baby blue: the akame chronicles: prologue

Even before I finished writing Baby Blue (a really long JunDa multichapter) I'd already considered writing the Akame side of that story >_< I'm still not convinced I'll ever write it, but if I did...this would be the prologue.

It can be read as a stand alone drabble though :) This is set around the time Jin returned to KAT-TUN after his 6 months studying in America in 2007.
“You didn’t tell me you were back.” Kame said, trying to hide the hurt in his voice.

Jin nodded. “I got back a few days ago...I had a few things to take care of...some people to catch up with...”

Kame bit back his response of ‘And I wasn’t one of them?’, instead he nodded, took a deep breath. “You started learning the choreography for the tour?”

Jin nodded again. “Well most of the songs are the same, I didn’t miss that much.”

It felt kind of like Kame had been slapped. “You missed an missed a missed the start of the fucking tour Jin...” he hesitated, but the words slipped out with a slight whine “Didn’t you miss me?”

Jin’s eyes rolled “Kame, don’t start with all that”

It was hard to tell what hurt more, the referral to his old nickname or the implication that everything they’d shared, everything there was between them could be summed up by ‘all that’.

He’d known something was wrong when Jin hadn’t called him the moment he touched Japanese soil. He’d known there was something wrong months before that, when Jin was five thousand miles away and the texts stopped coming – the promises that everything would be just the same once he got back.

“You’ve changed.” Kame stated quietly, the realisation finally starting to sink in.

“Isn’t that what this whole thing was about?”

“It wasn’t meant to be...” Kame argued lamely but Jin’s eyes rolled again. Kame knew the sign, had come to know Jin well enough in their years together to know it meant Jin was done talking about it. “I guess that’s it then?” he asked.

“I’ll see you at work.” Jin answered, and as Kame’s heart sank into his stomach, Jin turned and walked away.

“I missed you.” Kame uttered quietly towards Jin’s retreating figure but Jin didn’t even pause. “I still love you...”

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