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[Team Five] Lift

So apparently this is what happens when I watch too many sports animes oops

fairyminseok, you're up!

"Go home," Kyungsoo scowls.

And standing in the jaundiced light of the gym past midnight, all Baekhyun can think is oh. Because he'd forgotten the suffocating crush of heartbreak, the coiled rage and hurt that comes with it with no way to go but out, unfurling until the only thing he can see in Kyungsoo's eyes is a bright and furious anger. Given the chance, Baekhyun could drown in it, yield to the violent tempest and proffer himself to Kyungsoo in the only way he knows how. But Kyungsoo's attention has never wavered from the boy with too big ears (and they'll see him tomorrow, standing on the other side of the net tomorrow, in a blue uniform as opposed to their orange), and Baekhyun loves him too much to make him try.

"Get up," he demands, looking down at Kyungsoo, trying to swallow the lump that rises in his throat. Kyungsoo doesn't move, acts like he doesn't even hear him, and continues twirling the volleyball idly in his palm. With one fluid motion, Baekhyun could slap the ball out of his hands. He imagines it would be quite satisfying, the ball bouncing away pathetically in the empty gym, the way Kyungsoo's eyes would snap to his in shock - but Baekhyun has many regrets, and this isn't about to be one of them. "I didn't drag my ass out of bed just so you can mope around and catch a cold," he says instead, fist clenched. He hates the way his voice quivers slightly in the middle.

Kyungsoo's jaw tightens and Baekhyun caves. "Kyungsoo," he tries, softer this time. And finally, at the sound, all fight deflates out of Kyungsoo, and Baekhyun isn't sure which version of Kyungsoo he hates seeing more, the angry, bitter one or the sullen, forlorn one. He holds his breath as Kyungsoo's eyes flicker to him once again.

"He says he can't love me," Kyungsoo says at last, voice dry and thin, like ripping paper. His jaw is tightly set. Baekhyun doesn't need to ask who. He's poured over the stats long enough to rattle them off the top of his head. Park Chanyeol. Newest rising star of the Daegu school team. 576 attacks. 41 aces. 127 blocks. Boy with a too cocky grin and arm over Kyungsoo's shoulder like it was always meant to be there.

At the confession, Kyungsoo slumps slightly, defeated, and Baekhyun hates, hates, hates the way all the air goes out of him like his world's gone dark. (And wouldn't Baekhyun like to be the center of Kyungsoo's world too? Sell his soul just so he could chase even a fleeting glimpse of what Chanyeol has? Baekhyun had forgotten the feeling of heartbreak, but here it is again, fresh and revived after four long years).

"You're better than him. Better than this," Baekhyun tells him, desperate, still in love, doing anything - no everything - he can to force away that awful, awful feeling that claws at his chest, suffocating him until he is drowning under the weight. Defeat has never settled well upon Kyungsoo's shoulders and it leaves a bitter taste in Baekhyun's mouth. "We'll show him tomorrow on the court. We'll beat him for sure this time. I promise."
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