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miss zero

[team two] dress me down

It's been an incredibly busy past few days for me, having started a new job, and then my internet died. I apologize for being (later than usual). Anyway.

Shintaro doesn't even bat an eyelash anymore, but his eyebrows tell a different story, raised in a judgmental arch toward Juri's choice of clothing. "Dude, seriously?"

Juri just shrugs, applying makeup the way he sees make-san do for them, going an extra mile in softening his features. "Well do you see any other way? There's a horde of them out there, and besides, you're due for a ~scandal~ anyway," Juri replies with a saucy wink.

"But that's exactly why we want to go unnoticed. There's a horde of them out there." Shintaro says with some exasperation. "This," he gestures at Juri's knee-length dress, "is practically waving a red flag to attract attention."

The blush creeping up on Shintaro's face didn't escape from Juri's notice, and a playful smile tugs at his lips. "Oh, you."

*passes the baton to thesecretdoor* I am v v v v gomen. /____\
Tags: *team two, fandom: sixtones, love ranger: dusk037
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