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[Team 4] Hopeless and Romantic

this is terrible, i'm sorry, this migraine will not let up and all of my crops are dying.

"I'm glad they are," Bakugou grumbled, so unexpectedly that Kirishima spluttered around his strawful of soda. Bakugou eyed him, unimpressed. "What?"

"You're glad Todoroki and Midoriya are dating?" Kirishima asked, wiping the back of his hand across his mouth. "Dude, you never shut up about how much you hate both of them OR how gross you think PDA is. What part of them hooking up are you glad about?"

"The part where now they do it in Deku's room instead of staring across the common room at each other," Bakugou grumbled. Kirishima started to laugh, and Bakugou told him to shut the fuck up before shoving more fries in his face.

"You're weird as fuck, dude." Kirishima grinned when Bakugou glared at him, mouth too full to curse him out immediately. "You're a romantic in there, and don't try to say you aren't. We're having the most high school typical date in the entire world. If you want I can get us a chocolate milkshake and two straws."

"Fuck, shut up!" Bakugou snapped, cheeks going red, looking around the McDonald's to make sure nobody was listening to them.

They still totally ended up with a milkshake to split on the walk back to campus, but Kirishima didn't bother calling Bakugou out on it. He'd meant it, that Bakugou was a romantic on the inside, but Kirishima wasn't dumb enough to keep on calling him out on it when playing it cool meant that he could slip into Bakugou's room without a tantrum.

And then give Bakugou shit for it when it would end with Bakugou pinning Kirishima's wrists down against his bed, looming over him.

"You love it," Kirishima cooed, grinning insufferably when Bakugou growled and dug his fingers into Kirishima's wrists tighter. "You're like a goddamn disney princess who found their prince charming and is all ready for the happily every after."

"First of all, if anybody's Prince Charming, it's ME," Bakugou snapped, but he didn't get to the second of all because Kirishima absolutely lost it, laughing so hard his eyes squeezed shut. "What?! What is with you, shut up!"

Kirishima managed to peel his eyes open to suggest, "I can definitely think of one way you could shut me up."

next is prillalar
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