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[Team four] Cools guys don't look at explosions

hey look, I am not skipping this one!!
who am I? i have no idea im in the middle of an identity crisis lol
nah but here, have some superhero au (that last sentence was an invitation for angst buT HAH fooled ya, no angst here yo)

Like yesterday, he walked away and behind him, an explosion. Cool guys don't look at the explosion. Beside him was Mark, also walking away from the explosion. Oh man they were so cool right now. Movie material right here. Johnny was having the moment of his life. Best day ever.

Kidding, scratch that. They weren't walking, or ignoring the explosion, and they didn't look that cool. They were running, their suits almost falling off and Johnny did most definitely look back at the explosion to make sure he didn't fucking die.

"Down here!" Johnny yelled, pulling at Mark to follow him down in the sewers they'd crawled out of. They both managed to get down, in a rather non-graceful way, before the wave of fire and metal chunks would have hit them.

"HOLY FUCK WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?" Mark yelled and Johnny covered his ears. "YOU'RE AN IDIOT!"

"Hey!" Johnny snapped back. "I panicked! That guy was on fire!"

"And you threw him at a gasoline truck! That's the dumbest thing you've done. EVER. And I am counting the rogue incident." Johnny winced. The rogue incident wasn't his proudest moment but this... this was worse. "I don't have a healing factor Johnny!" Mark whined and Johnny patted his head. "I am going to heal these burns for weeks now!"

"Hey," Johnny said, mood sobering up. "I'm sorry." He sighed and Mark kept quiet as he began to make their way through the sewers. "I'm sorry I messed up and I'm sorry I almost got us killed."

"You better be," Mark muttered. "At least this B class gang of supervillains are finito now."

"Yeah," Johnny said, chuckling a bit. "I'm glad they are."

elindar your turn babe!
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