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[Team Three] Blow! (don't blow up!)

As usual this is mousapelli 's fault, she tricked me into watching/reading all of Boku No Hero Academia in just a couple of days. Evil.

Something was burning not too far away, but Kirishima sure wasn’t paying attention to whatever was going on in the distance. Most of the walls in this part of the training grounds had already been leveled by Bakugou’s blasts, until only the wall behind Kirishima’s back remained. The slightly crazy look in Bakugou’s eyes only turned Kirishima on more, and that was even before Bakugou’s palm slapped against the wall right next to Kirishima’s head.

“What the fuck are you staring at?” Bakugou demanded, right there in Kirishima’s personal space.

“You,” Kirishima replied, grabbing a hold of Bakugou and yanking him into a kiss. It was true - Bakugou was hottest when he was blowing up shit and had that intense look on his face. Besides, this was the first time Bakugou had managed to kabedon him properly - every previous attempt had resulted in a blown up wall. The unusual lack of control was really quite flattering, Kirishima figured. Bakugou’s hands were all over him, touching every bit of exposed skin, making Kirishima glad that his hero costume left most of his torso bare.

Kirishima turned them around, slamming Bakugou into the wall. The impact made Bakugou grunt and Kirishima used the chance to slip his tongue into Bakugou’s mouth, deepening the kiss. It was probably safe to ignore the growling, since Bakugou’s fingers were digging into his back, holding him close. He worked a knee between Bakugou’s thighs, pressing close enough to feel exactly how into this Bakugou was. Breaking the kiss, he nibbled carefully, very carefully on Bakugou’s earlobe before kissing his way down Bakugou’s neck. Clearly impatient, Bakugou pushed down on his shoulders.

Kirishima went without argument, kneeling down in front of Bakugou. Opening Bakugou’s pants only took a moment and soon he was licking at Bakugou’s big, hard dick. With his sharp, pointy teeth, Kirishima had to be very, very careful, but he didn’t let that stop him. He licked a slow stripe up the underside of Bakugou’s shaft, following the thick vein. He palmed Bakugou’s balls, kneading very lightly. Flicking his tongue across the tip earned him a muttered curse, so he did it again, then swirled his tongue around the head slowly.

“You fucking jerkface tease,” Bakugou grumbled, fingers digging into Kirishima’s hair. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Kirishima just grinned - at this point, the insults honestly sounded like endearments to him and he liked to have his hair pulled anyway. He sucked Bakugou’s dick into his mouth, careful to keep his teeth away from it. Bobbing his head, he took half of Bakugou’s dick in right away, then worked his way down until his nose brushed against Bakugou’s pubic hair, keeping his pace slow enough to annoy Bakugou.

Just as expected, Bakugou’s patience only lasted another minute or two before he dug his fingers into Kirishima’s hair and pulled. Bakugou snapped his hips, fucking Kirishima’s mouth faster than Kirishima would have thought anyone would dare - at this speed, the tiniest miscalculation would result in a bloody mess. But then again, if anyone had the skills to fuck a razor mouth and survive with his dick intact, it would be Mister Natural Genius Bakugou. If there was anything Bakugou couldn’t do, Kirishima hadn’t found it yet.

He hummed around Bakugou’s dick, using his tongue whenever Bakugou drew back far enough that he could do so. The weight and taste of Bakugou’s dick on his tongue were quite a turn-on, as was the way Bakugou would pull his hair just so. Kirishima kept his eyes closed to enjoy the experience fully - they’d done this before, but not so often that the novelty had worn off yet. Bakugou’s curses soon turned to moaning, and sooner than Kirishima would have expected, Bakugou was already coming.

At the first taste of salt on his tongue, Kirishima drew back, taking the rest of it across his face. Bakugou just stared at his come-splattered face, momentarily lost for words. Kirishima licked up a few drops of come that had landed close to his mouth and Bakugou finally found his voice and proceeded to roundly curse Kirishima and his shitty hair and his stupid pretty face. Grinning at the angry compliment, Kirishima rose to his feet only for Bakugou to grab him and yank him into another kiss.

Kirishima found himself slammed against the wall again, Bakugou pressing close. Bakugou’s hands were on his pants, eagerly groping Kirishima’s erection through the cloth. He was pretty sure he could have come just like that, in his pants and all, but Bakugou was already opening his pants and the feel of Bakugou’s rough fingers around his dick was a million times better than the indirect touch through his pants had been. Moaning, Kirishima held on to Bakugou’s shoulders while Bakugou jerked him off fast and hard.

He was too close to care much about technique, just rubbing against Bakugou’s leg would honestly have been enough at this point, but of course Bakugou did it exactly right, squeezing Kirishima’s dick exactly the way he liked it best, stroking firmly and without any hesitation.

“Come the fuck on already,” Bakugou growled in his ear and Kirishima did, spilling over Bakugou’s fingers with a long groan.

Once Kirishima had shivered himself out, he curled his fingers around Bakugou’s wrists and tugged Bakugou’s come-covered hand up to his mouth. Looking Bakugou straight in the eye, he lapped at Bakugou’s palm, cleaning up his own come. Bakugou glared but didn’t pull his hand away, so Kirishima took his time, licking his way up each finger before sucking it into his mouth for a moment. Only when he’d licked up every single drop did Bakugou yank away his hand.

“Come to my room tonight,” Bakugou growled, sounding more as if he was challenging him to a duel to the death rather than asking him on a date.

“Sure, dude,” Kirishima replied casually as he tucked his dick back into his pants. There was a new movie he’d been wanting to watch with Bakugou, and Bakugou had nearly blown his bed up twice while they fucked, so he was just as happy to be doing it in Bakugou’s bed, where Explosive Boy would have to explain any damage to the school.

Next up is aleena_mokoia !
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