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I got the request "kenbin + anything related to clubbing" so I did the thing and although I'm not so familiar with clubbing let it be known that I am now in love with kenbin

“Okay,” Jaehwan says, drink already in hand as he turns to Hongbin, leaning closer so he'll be heard over the music, "let's do a shot."

Hongbin frowns in amusement, leans against the bar. "We just arrived here less than a minute ago."

"Come on, we should get into the atmosphere! Get us started!" Jaehwan turns over to the bartender and orders two shots of tequila, and Hongbin accepts it, downing his shot and grimacing at the taste. They had a few drinks before coming to this club, so he's already somewhat buzzed, although still far from drunk. Jaehwan seems determined to change that, though, taking a long sip of his drink and then offering some to Hongbin.

He starts to move to the music without thinking about it - it feels almost natural when it’s all around him, when so many other people are dancing. Jaehwan gives him a grin, downs the rest of his drink. “Let’s go!” he announces.

They leave the bar to get further on the dance floor and into the crowd, Hongbin hanging onto Jaehwan just enough to not lose him. Once they’re satisfied, Hongbin immediately starts to lose himself in the music. This is exactly what he needed to unwind from his long week; mindless dancing to music that is so loud he can’t hear his own thoughts. He doesn’t go clubbing often, but Jaehwan had insisted, and he figures it was a good idea now that his stress gets put away somewhere else and he can just dance.

Jaehwan is dancing next to him, looking absolutely radiant, and Hongbin absently wonders if he’s planning to hook up with someone tonight. He wouldn’t be surprised if someone offered.

Then Jaehwan meets his gaze and smiles - suddenly a little closer to him. “Let’s get another shot or two,” he suggests. Hongbin closes his mouth and nods in agreement.

The tequila burns just a little in his throat. Soon enough he feels more than a little buzzed, and the music sounds louder than before. He lets it happen, just keeps dancing and enjoying himself. He feels Jaehwan take his hand and pulls him closer; first just to keep him nearby and not lose him in the crowd, but then he sees the flush on his friend’s cheeks under the multi-colored lights that keep flashing on them, and is captivated.

“Hello,” he says in surprise, much too softly to be heard through the music.

Jaehwan simply leans closer, closer, and a hand is on Hongbin’s chest. He’s suddenly so aware of everything Jaehwan does, every move he makes - his heart rate picks up so incredibly fast as he realizes what is happening.

And then Jaehwan is kissing him - once, twice, and then Hongbin pulls him flush against him and kisses him back, feeling braver with the alcohol in his system. He tastes alcohol on Jaehwan’s tongue, tastes Jaehwan, and his breath catches. The music is far from slow, but their kisses are languid and real. Hongbin forgets about the crowd, forgets about how warm everything feels, forgets about everything that isn’t Jaehwan.

“I never realized how much I wanted to do that until now,” Jaehwan says once they break away for a moment.

Hongbin simply laughs incredulously - he knows exactly what he means. He kisses Jaehwan again, bites his lower lip once, holds his hand tightly. Then he closes his eyes and listens to the music, lets himself sway to it again, with Jaehwan right by him.

Your turn cairistiona!
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