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[team two] Kimchi

So...I don't know why JJ is in something I write at all but I've been reading this SeungGil/JJ fic in an attempt to not hate him so much and so I guess that bled over into this.

Yuri and Otabek go to dinner in Korea with SeungGil and JJ. No, I don't have a reason for them to be in Korea. Shhhh...

"Mild. They can tone down the spice level for you Koneko-chan."

Yuri juts his chin out in defense, certainly not wanting to be told what to do by the likes of JJ. He turns to the lady taking their order and tells her he'll have his sundubu as spicy as they can make it. When she leaves to put their order in, he turns a challenging eye back at JJ.

Next to JJ, SeungGil gives him a calculating look as if he's trying to figure something out. When the lady comes back, she says something to SeungGil in Korean but if the way she gestures at him is anything to go by, they're talking about Yuri. Ugh. Why did he even take them up on their dinner invite anyway?

"Yura," Otabek murmurs, passing him one of the metal bowls of rice the lady has brought to their table. Oh right. That's why he agreed to come. The invitation hadn't been from the Canadian jerkoff, it'd been from Otabek.

Their fingers brush as he takes the rice and Yuri stares down at the grains so that he can avoid eye contact. That way he doesn't know if Otabek can see the blush on his face and therefore can pretend that it hasn't been noticed. Unfortunate for him, JJ is an asshole.

"What's this I see? Is the Ice Tiger of Russia blushing?!"

Yuri is about to jump to his feet so that he can shove a handful of kimchi in JJ's eye or something, but then JJ suddenly yelps in pain and starts rubbing the back of his upper arm. Yuri and Otabek look at SeungGil questioningly while JJ's is much more of an accusing pout. SeungGil doesn't bat an eyelash.

You're up faded_lace!
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