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[Team Two] untitled

Something I'm working on that's gunna get a little more....nsfw later on. Figured I'd post a little for Shiritori

Together. It’s normally how he spent his Friday nights with his roommate, but he had other plans. Hikaru closed his bedroom door behind him, enjoying the small sound it made when he did so. The whole apartment was quiet, not a soul in it besides himself, and it was just the way he liked it.

It wasn’t that he didn’t like his roommate. No, Keito was perfect. He was the perfect mix of fun and quiet that Hikaru needed in order to keep himself sane. When Hikaru didn’t have plans, Keito would knock once on Hikaru’s bedroom door, peaking his head in to ask if he wanted to have a video game night or not.

It was one of the rare Friday nights that Keito wasn’t there, usually coming home straight after work to crash on the couch, not moving until boredom struck them both. Hikaru was fully prepared to make the use of his evening alone.

He hadn’t picked his bedroom because it was the biggest. He hadn’t picked it because it was closer to the back of the building, farther away from the bustling street below them. Whoever the last tenant had been had installed a large floor to ceiling mirror against one of the walls, the landlord refusing to remove it.

Keito had called it creepy when they moved in, nose crinkling at the sight of seeing himself and the full room laid out behind him. Hikaru had just smiled and said how it was interesting.

He had always meant to use it for a little kinky sex, but random hookups at the bars led him to their place and not his. He was usually too tired at night to do anything but fist his own cock under the covers, shuddering when his fantasies dragged him higher and higher.

Tonight was the night. No Keito to walk in on him, no friends over to tempt him into drinking games. It was a date night between him and his hand.

Standing in front of the mirror…he couldn’t place his feelings into words. He had looked himself over before, checking his outfit before going to class or his part time job. He was normal. Just an ordinary guy. His heart beat abnormally in his chest, fingers curling around the edges of his shirt. He would look deep into his eyes staring back at himself in the mirror before turning away, unable to stare at himself for too long.

“Fuck,” he breathed out before forcing himself to look at himself again.

It felt like someone was watching him. Like he was putting on a show for a private viewer and their pleasure. He played the role of a blushing school kid, so tender and mild.

talisa_ahn it's your turn~
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