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[Team Three] What a tangled web we weave

So I was really excited about writing this, but then work threw 20 curveballs at me so I didn't get to finish it. Maybe next time I'll continue it. For now, Keito's life remains as hard as ever.

"I shall get undressed," Hikaru declares with a grin as he stands up, presumably to start removing his pants.

"No," Yamada exclaims. He grabs his bandmate's shoulder and tries to push him back into his seat. "We don't need you to be naked."

"I'm just trying to cheer up Keito," he answers, blinking his eyes to look more innocent, but they know better than that.

Yamada smacks the back of Hikaru's head.

"It didn't cheer me up," Keito says, looking quietly exasperated. It's been a solid 27 minutes since he'd accidentally gotten horribly tangled up in some ribbon and string monstrosity in the company costume room. Yamada and Hikaru had yet to free him, and his left foot fell asleep a few minutes ago.

Hikaru leans back to survey the scene again, scratching his chin like he's a college science professor assessing a difficult formula.

"It might just be easier to cut Keito out of there," Hikaru says. "In that case, I'd definitely give you my pants."

"No," Yamada repeats in frustration.

"Walking around the building without pants on isn't the most embarrassing thing I've done in my career," Hikaru mutters to himself, which makes Yamada roll his eyes in response.

Keito merely sighs as the two of them begin to argue instead of untangling him. He still regrets not paying enough attention before he'd tripped and landed in the mess of sparkly fabric. In his panic to get untangled, he'd only managed to make the situation worse and now the ribbons were wrapped so tightly around him that he couldn't move much more than his head. He looked sort of like someone had strung him up the most glittery Maypole they could find.

He politely cleared his throat to remind them that he was still there.

Here you go doctoggy
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