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[TEAM ONE] Single Dad!Chanyeol Snippet

His arms aren’t moving. Why aren’t they moving?

Kyungsoo tries harder, but there’s nothing. No feeling in his limbs.

He tries to remember what happened, where he is, but he draws a blank, and painstakingly opens his eyes.

Everything is white, and too bright. He squeezes his eyes shut immediately, and then, ever so slowly, opens them again, letting everything settle.

He’s in an empty hospital room. There is a vase of tulips on the bedside table—his mother’s favourites. Next to them is a jug of water and a simple white card with a sick puppy on the cover.

He tries to pull himself up to read the card, but there’s still no feeling in his limbs. He looks down, and realises that one arm is in a cast, and the other is connected to a drip that’s next to the bed. He focuses on that arm, and slowly flexes his fingers, until he can feel the bedspread over him. Movement. Good.

It comes back to him in flashes. Going out with Jinsol, for a fun father-daughter day out shopping, even though the reason was fairly serious. Getting back into the car afterwards, with ice cream, and then heading towards home. Singing along to the radio with Jinsol. Then the screech of tires, the impact. The pain of being trapped against the driver’s door with another car pressed against him.


That’s what gets his arm moving, enough to press the buzzer on the side of the bed.

It's amaxingbaek's turn! :D
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