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[Team Five] Returned Favors

Well...I have no excuse.

In retaliation to the man’s incredulous behavior, Jeon Jungkook steps in front of the glaring woman. He faces the enraged stranger with a scowl. All around them, people pause at the scene. Jungkook wills himself to disregard the growing crowd. “There’s no need for violence.”

The man clenches his fists tighter, bristling at the statement. He towers over Jungkook with his huge build and fuming temper. There’s a retaliation clearly bursting at the seams. But upon opening his mouth, the man seems to freeze in place with eyes narrowing at the woman behind Jungkook. Instead of words, the man lets out a growl-like sound before turning and walking away, taking the crowd with him.

With the man gone, Jungkook’s stiff shoulders relax and he turns to face the woman. He’s startled by the glare directed at him. It makes him blurt out, “I’m sorry!”

“I could have handled him on my own.” The woman scoffs. Many would most likely doubt it but Jungkook, having just been on the receiving end of her glare, knows it must be true. There’s something about this woman despite her small stature.

“I’m really sorry. It just seemed like he was about to punch you and I couldn’t let that happen. Not when I can do something about it.” Jungkook looks down at the concrete pavement. “I’m sorry that I undermined your capabilities.”

The woman’s expression turns contemplative. She lets out a short laugh before placing her forefinger and middle finger on Jungkook’s forehead. The unexpected action causes Jungkook to look up and see an almost unnerving smile on her lips. “You need to be more cautious. So, I’ll give you something in return for your chivalry.”

Her fingers move from the center of his forehead to his left eye. Jungkook closes his left eye as her fingers rest on it and watches in frozen bewilderment with his right eye as she says, “To see is to experience. To experience is to know. To know is to understand. To understand is to see.”

When she’s done, she retracts her hand with a sigh. Jungkook feels a strange heaviness on his left eye that he can’t seem to open fully. He still sees her raise an eyebrow at something above his shoulder. A multitude of thoughts race through his head but his body can’t move from shock. This woman surely could have handled herself. He was foolish. A white butterfly flits in front of him and then to his side.

The woman’s eyes follow the butterfly with a smile. “It’s a gift. You don’t need to be so bothered. It will help him in the long run.”

“Wh—” Jungkook only manages a faint sound. He still couldn’t move.

“Time for me to go.” The woman places a hand on Jungkook’s shoulder, smiling at him. “Enjoy the sights.”

As soon as the woman’s hand leaves his shoulder, Jungkook feels the heaviness lifted enough for him to turn around and see the woman walking away, with both of his eyes fully open. He gawks at seeing shimmering tattoos on her skin, some seeming to move. He rubs his eyes and she’s gone in the crowds. “Strange.”

The grimace on his lips can’t be helped when his left eye begins to throb so he closes it again. The white butterfly flits across him again, making him smile. He’s always been followed by butterflies ever since he saved one as a child. Today marks another strange encounter in his 19 years of living. His roommate will most definitely laugh.

The moment he tries to open his left eye fully, he sees a wispy image of a child beside him. He rubs his left eye and the child is gone. He blinks a few times as the pain and throbbing recede momentarily. He resolves to return quickly to his shared apartment before it acts up again. His apprehension and fear towards the woman doubles. She did something he doesn’t understand. Not yet. But maybe his roommate can help him figure it out.

Jungkook rushes back, speed walking block after block of streets filled with people getting off of work. He bears with the occasional pain from his left eye. When he gets to the complex, he starts to sprint up the stairs, disregarding the working elevator. It’s only a few moments until he arrives at the 3rd floor, fiddling with the lock pad. Typing with one eye half-closed proves as a bit of a challenge which he overcomes with a sense of accomplishment. He opens the door, calling out “Hyung?”

“Oh?” His roommate’s head pops out from their bedroom. “You’re back already, Jungkookie? Hey, you don’t have any food in your hands. You said you would buy some after your part-time!”

Any other day, Jungkook would have felt guilty just looking at Kim Taehyung’s sullen expression but he’s rather frantic. A little disturbed, maybe. Or a lot. “Hyung.”

The moment Jungkook calls him in such a distressed tone, Taehyung looks at his roommate’s face. The puzzled expression turns into shock then horror. Taehyung is quick to appear in front of Jungkook, concern pouring in waves. A hand cups Jungkook’s left cheek, Taehyung’s thumb brushing below the half-open eye. “Jungkook, what happened? Who did you meet?”

“A strange woman, hyung.” Jungkook closes both of his eyes as he relishes in Taehyung’s gentleness. “I just—I tried to help her because there was a scary man who seemed like he would hit her… Maybe I shouldn’t have interfered. She said she gave me a gift to return the favor. You’re pretty good with strange things, hyung. Don’t you have any of your herbal stuff to cure my eye? It’s been throbbing.”

A litany of fuck’s spew out of Taehyung’s lips and his hand trembles against Jungkook’s cheek. Jungkook almost opens his eyes but Taehyung is quick to put his thumbs against Jungkook’s lids to prevent them from opening. “Don’t! Fuck. I never thought you’d find out this way. I should have listened to my grandma.”

“Find out? Hyung?” Jungkook feels like his normal-turned-strange day is getting even stranger. Taehyung never acts this anxious or sounds so scared. He’s also always obeyed his grandmother from what Jungkook remembers. “I’m really confused.”

“Did you try opening your left eye since that woman did something to it?” When Jungkook nods, Taehyung continues, “Did you see anything or anyone strange?”

“I—This will sound weird and untrue.” Jungkook hesitates but Taehyung squeezes his cheeks.

“We’ve established the entire encounter is strange. Your answer just confirms you did see strange things.” Taehyung sighs and the sound makes Jungkook want to open his eyes and comfort his roommate. Instead, Taehyung begins his explanation, voice almost a whisper.

“The woman you met...she’s most likely Fee. They’re okay in general—like to be left alone most of the time but can be vengeful and mischievous depending on their mood. They don’t like owing humans any favors. If you’re lucky enough, the gift is beneficial. If not, it can be a nuisance. Yours…” Taehyung trails off.

“Mine?” Jungkook moves his hands forward until he feels Taehyung’s shirt. He grasps a handful in both hands. “And mine, hyung?”

“That kind of depends…” Taehyung pauses before moving his hands away from Jungkook’s face. “How do you feel about being able to see magical beings through their disguises?”

Jungkook dares to open his eyes. He sees a distorted image of his roommate. A part of Taehyung looks the same. But the part his left eye sees shows Taehyung with white hair and pulses of soft light flowing across his hands and arms. Jungkook’s hands drop to his sides as he mutters in astonishment, “You…”

“Hi.” Taehyung smiles awkwardly. “I’m Kim Taehyung, a Magus in training. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you sooner.”

Your turn, thesockmonster :)
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