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[Team Three] Here, Kitty, Kitty

“I just can’t do this,” Abe wailed, covering his bright red face with his hands. The cat ears and butt-plug tail he could deal with, but the collar was just too much for some reason.

“Aw, Abe-chan,” Fukazawa coaxed, tugging lightly on Abe’s wrist. “Look at me. Doesn’t it suit me?”

Abe shook his head, but after a minute he gave up and let Fukazawa pull his hands down, his cheeks blazing red hot as he looked Fukazawa over again. Fukazawa was wearing cat ears, a green collar, a butt-plug tail and nothing else, which made it really, really obvious quite how much he was already enjoying this. The look did suit Fukazawa, and that was half the trouble. The cat get-up was much, much more appealing than Abe was comfortable with. “You’re going to turn me into a pervert,” he mumbled.

“Nyan~” Fukazawa made a cat pose and winked at Abe. “Do you have some cream for the kitty?”

Abe just had to laugh at the ridiculousness of that question, which gave Fukazawa the chance to pounce on him, tackling him back onto the bed. Abe squeaked, Fukazawa’s lips against his muffling the sound. Giving in, Abe wrapped his fingers around the tail and tugged lightly, moving it inside Fukazawa’s ass.

Humming happily, Fukazawa trailed kisses over Abe’s jaw and down his throat. Abe didn’t have time to get impatient, because for once Fukazawa wasn’t in a teasing mood. Soon, Abe’s pants were undone and pushed down to his knees, and Fukazawa was licking at his dick.

“Nnh,” Abe moaned, fingers digging into Fukazawa’s hair. His hands kept bumping against the soft plush of the cat ears Fukazawa was wearing, constantly reminding him of the costume Fukazawa was wearing, if you could call something that involved neither shirt nor pants a costume.

Fukazawa licked up and down Abe’s shift, teasing at the slit at the top and nuzzling Abe’s balls at the bottom. By the time Abe was just about ready to go out of his skin with want, Fukazawa sat up and grinned down at Abe. “Want me to ride your cock, Abe-chan?” Fukazawa asked. When Abe nodded, Fukazawa’s grin widened. “Then beg.”

“Please,” Abe begged without hesitation, turned on enough not to be ashamed anymore.

“Please what?” Fukazawa asked teasingly as he pulled the tail out of his ass. “Come on, if you can do it, you can totally say it too.”

“Pl-please ride my cock,” Abe stuttered out, cheeks turning pink again.

“Mh, with pleasure,” Fukazawa agreed. He sank down on Abe’s dick easily, taking it in all in one go.

Moaning, Abe dug his fingers into the blankets, trying very hard to keep his hips still when all he wanted was to thrust up into the slick heat of Fukazawa’s body. The butt plug wasn’t as big as his dick, so Fukazawa was still tight, squeezing nicely around his cock. “Please,” Abe begged again.

Abe moaned, unable to keep his noises down even if the neighbours might hear him. How could he stay silent when Fukazawa was rolling his hips like that? He wasn’t even aware that he’d moved his hands, but his fingers were digging into Fukazawa’s hips, encouraging him to ride already.

Clearly just as eager, Fukazawa rose up until only the head of Abe’s cock remained inside, then sank back down. Abe’s hips thrust up all on their own, meeting him halfway. Their moans mingled as they fucked, hips moving with enthusiasm. Fukazawa wrapped his fingers around his dick and stroked himself, his moans getting a lot breathier from the additional stimulation.

Every time Abe glanced up at Fukazawa, a wave of arousal rolled through him at the sight of that collar and those ears. If the collar had been purple, he could have handled it. If it had been any colour but green, he could have handled it, but… “I love you,” Abe gasped out, eyes widening in shock at his own words.

“Mmh, me too,” Fukazawa agreed, squeezing tight around Abe.

Before Abe could figure out if that meant Fukazawa had accepted his accidental confession, he was already coming, wailing his pleasure out into the night as he thrust up into Fukazawa’s willing body. Fukazawa followed right after, orgasming with a grunt and a shiver before flopping on top of Abe.

As soon as his shaky limbs obeyed him, Abe wrapped his arms around Fukazawa and held on tight. Fukazawa nuzzled the side of his face, not quite coordinated enough to kiss yet.

Next up is mousapelli
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